I had planned on trying to get this out last night and be all on top of my a game and then the sickness washed over. Oh yes, the stomach gripping, nerves popping out of your head, “I want to sew my mouth shut” vomit goodness. Enough TMI, pretty uh…living room sets now? My excuse for not wanting to type a lot is still being very disgustingly sick..yay!..

Click the cups, they give you coco.

There’s 19 pieces in all, If you buy the whole collection you get 20% off and a few collection of mugs.

The sofas, ottoman, lampshades all have texture changing options, ranging from warm and seasonal rich browns, golds to sage green.

Skybox used – Molto bene Small skybox

For a full range of the furniture in the laurel collection teleport to {What Next}


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