Chantelle | Madeline | Nina (All in fire)

I think i’ve decided, because of Truth’s newest and brightest red, to stay a red head on second life. I’ve always switched between Brown, Blond, and Red, dabbled a bit in whites and blacks, tried a few colors here and there..but i adore red. Especially bright and fire truckish red colors like Fire~

With the 3 female hair releases came another mens hair, again, i don’t have a male avi so..you’ll just have to go over to Truth and demo it.

I think truth is trying to give out christmas early too, with the releases came another set of new hair colors

Each color is now a new color to go with the normal packs

Oasis – light blondes

Beach – blondes

Macaroon – dark blondes

Carob – light browns

Clove – browns

Sandlewood – dark browns

Marmalade – gingers

Quince – reds

Raven & Pearl – black & whites

I might stick to the reds, but for now..

Stop on by Truth

The skin i’m wearing is also 50L for ALL skin tones including freckle, clevage, light brow, and dark brow options..ONLY for today @ EXODI


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