Berry’s Blogger Challenge – What do you believe in?

This week’s Blogger challenge is: What do you believe in?
This week’s challenge is blogging about something that you strongly believe in. This isn’t necessarily a religious or spiritual question, although feel free to blog about it that way if you prefer. Also if you can, write about how this belief helps you and in what ways.

Please remember to link to your blogger challenge posts in the comments below so I don’t miss them and thanks ahead of time for participating! You can look up any previous challenges on this page and do them at anytime. ❤



I’ve never really been one to spread my beliefs due to the fact i know my opinions cause debate and somehow i end up losing friends over what i say. After boiling this challenge in my melted brain for a day or so i think i have the right answer that everyone can agree on and a belief that everyone has but doesn’t think about often.

I believe in love, it’s ironic that i write this post on love because ever since i was little i went through many many step fathers, many many homes, and several life changing moments that involved my family, and my friends. When i say love, i mean every type of it. From the sexual love that is between a man and a woman (Or woman and woman, man and man..etc..etc..), the love that i share for my mother and family, and then there’s the love i have for my friends.

The past few days it’s been hard for me to actually show my love and adoration for people, i dislike drama heavily and it seems i’m either hurting someone or saving someone. I love without boundaries and it hurts me personally sometimes, but i get over it. I really haven’t learned my lesson yet 😛

Love at first sight is something that’s been on my mind more than anything the past day or so, with the newest sensation and emotion of being loved back and feeling that sexual and romantic sense of being yearned for and thought of is new to me. It wasn’t love at first sight and in fact, when my boyfriend and i met for the first time i did everything i could to ignore him. I thought he was just another player, a fucking drop dead, 6’2, porcelain mannequin ,gorgeous, “player”. I soon found out my lovely lover was the exact opposite and that’s why i fell in love with him kids!

Love is a very tricky thing to accomplish, and accomplish well. Any relationship i’ve been in has always been centered around loving and trusting one another.  Whether it be backing up a best friend and caring for them when they need a shoulder to cry on, or being open to doing different things with the boyfriend and trying new things just to make it different and interesting…at the same time trusting them that they wont ya know..poison you in your sleep.

The moral of my story is that i believe in love of all kinds, i believe it’s hard to earn and harder to break. Love goes without thinking and even if it’s an emotion people over look a lot…i notice it in myself, the people around me, the things i do, and the things i do for others/what others do to me.

Love is eternal and will never NOT be part of my life.


One response

  1. Love makes this world go round. Great post, thank you so much! ❤

    November 12, 2010 at 12:14 pm

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