Berry’s Blogger Challenge – Childhood Anecdote

This week’s Blogger challenge is: Childhood Anecdote
This week’s challenge is blogging about a childhood anecdote. Share a story from your childhood that resonates with you, and if you can, share how it has affected you as an adult. I would love to read some funny stories but feel free to share whatever you feel like sharing.

I’m cheating berry, i have two stories for you.

Since both items are of importance to me i wanted to share why.

1st story;

As a child i grew up in a house that was My mother, my mothers best friend (also my godmother), my godmother’s boyfriend, my mother’s boy FRIEND, My mothers boyfriend at the time, and..myself. We would always watch scary movie and that’s how my love for gore and bloody horror started. The summer of 2000 i was determined to defeat my mother and watch IT (You know..that piece of shit movie with that HORRIBLE clown in it?) After breaking her down and promising her i would watch it during the day and when everyone was home to “save me from how evil the movie was” she let me watch it. Why i wanted to watch that movie, i have no clue..Thinking back on it i should’ve just been a good little girl and say “Yes mummy, and would like me to serve a few biscuits with your tea?” instead i whined, bitched, and moaned…all over a movie that ended up ruining my whole life. I had my popcorn, my soda, and my comfortable blankets. I was ready to relax and watch “just another horror film”…I peed myself and had to have my godmother pause the movie so i could go change. I was crying uncontrollably and would not leave my mothers hip at night for the month after that. I didn’t want to go anywhere near the TV, i didn’t want to go anywhere outside or near gutters at night, and you were fooling yourself if you thought i wouldn’t give a shit and smack the piss out of you for wearing a clown mask.

That’s how my deathly fear of clowns started, and my yearn to be around zombies/vampires/werewolves/blood/horror flicks started as well. The following year or so i was obsessed with seeing every horror movie out there, i had collected a room full of zombie posters, clothing, and anything else zombie inspired. I still collect horror films every weekend and i still have a huge collection of zombies. But to this day, i will not be ANYWHERE near a clown. No way jose.

2nd story;

1998, Orland florida. I saw my first concert that year, Depeche mode was the band.

To this day Depeche mode is my all time favorite band, and they were also the band to throw me into a sprawl of not being able to live without music. I went home tired and singing to my mothers friend. My mother was a punk in high school, she was apart of very club and group but her one love was music. Depeche mode, The sex pistols, The Beatles, Dead can dance. My mother was heavily influenced by punk rockers and ended up going to every show for “The rocky horror show film” and going to a club called “The fine line” every Saturday. It’s funny thinking of her with every color imaginable in her hair, cut stockings, punk 80’s poof bangs and the oh so famous chuckies (That i wear every day and have for 5 years thank you very much.) Hearing my mom’s stories of music and knowing how much she loved listening to all kinds of underground/punk/indie music inspired me to find my own clique in music. I was heavily in to anything punk and anything that was The beatles or David bowie. I fell in love with Prince and his KISS -mwah-, sexed up iggy pop, and even danced with Nine inch nails. (Kidding :P) I was the love child of music, and to this day i still am.  It’s funny how one concert changed my whole life within a few hours. My itunes currently holds 3k+ music and between my desktop and laptop i own over 45K+ songs. It’s safe to say even when i have that much, i still want more. More. More. My love of music turned into a yearn to create music and be able to say one day “Oh yeah..i was famous for playing ____” After years of private lessons and classes in school i’m now pro at Piano, Drums, and the Clarinet. I aspire to be able to play the violin but i’m really too impatient.

Keep living the punk rock dream, kid.

Currently Listening To: Shiny Toy guns – Major Tom

3 responses

  1. oh wow that was fast and a two for one deal! Awesome LOL! I can totally related with IT. I saw that when I was quite young too and I remember the nightmares that commenced. Although I LOOOVE watching horror movies, I’m really a big chicken cuz I get so frightened at the smallest things.

    I can’t even remember what my first concert was, I think I was really young.

    Those were awesome stories, thanks for sharing! 😀

    November 17, 2010 at 12:50 am

  2. IT is a bad memory i wish to not ever relive, thinking of it just makes me want to pee myself and run screaming again.

    November 17, 2010 at 2:00 am

  3. Great stories though!

    Looks like I have to do this too…

    November 18, 2010 at 10:13 pm

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