I’ve been in love with paper.doll for so long, I first found them when they had released adorable sparkly girly mini skirts and from there i had decided to stay with them and i’m glad i did.

There’s not two designers (If i’m correct) that will be designing for Paper.Doll.

The second designer, Tiarra Morpork, has awesome tee’s out right now. They’re super adorable and i really want to see her designing much more!

The main designer behind Paper.Doll, Zoey Gabardini, released an adorable dress and super awesome high waisted pants this week.

Selena comes in 7 colors all together and i adore the fishnet cut outs on the side. Super sexy.

Emily trousers come in 10 colors and each pair comes with suspender and non suspender versions

And here’s a glimpse of the releases from last week

Spencer trousers

Jordyn mini dresses

Imagine tee’s

Hannah dresses

Alexia dresses


Also worn

Hair – Elikatira (Heavily modded)
Skin – Curio

Poses – Dfo!, With love and squalor

I’m sorry if the pictures aren’t that great and the post seemed dull~ i’m sick again..yayyy winter


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