*Boom* Righteous Muff

I decided to do it a little different this time, instead of just doing the item i’m blogging i decided to blog then but include them in a full outfit. For me it helps because sometimes i have NO clue what to wear and being able to come back and look at full outfits i blogged, well, it just becomes easier to put together ensembles that day.

The Righteous Muff scarf comes in 35 colors, and is unisex and has a resizing so it fits every shape.  It comes with an adorable icy breathe attachment and comes with a mirrored version.

It’s super cute and i adore wearing it with everything ❤

Bigger size on Flickr


From Left to right

Hair – Truth, Lamb, Lamb

Skin – Laq, Pink Fuel, Plastik

Jacket – Reek, Madsy

Dress (Far right) – Atomic

Shirt – DP*Yumyum, Fri.day, Fri.day

Pants(Left) – Atomic

Skirt (Middle) – Paper.Doll

Shoes – Kao, INDI, Kookie

Poses – Glitterati

Listening To: The Crystal Method – Born too slow



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