In need of a rl post

I’m sorry to those who keep IMing me or messaging me, and to those who keep giving me shit to blog. I’m currently on the bring of sawing my arm off and i’m in pain more than anyone should ever feel.

I normally don’t feel a lot of pain but two days ago while in 1st class i was getting ready to sit down and start working when i noticed i couldn’t bend my right arm or clutch a pencil (Let alone make a fist). I went through the day thinking i had slept on it wrong or had hit something on the way to class but then i realized i NEVER sleep on my right arm nor did i hit anything because i would’ve seen it and felt it. I came home and noticed my lower arm was completely swollen and there was a dent by the elbow. I was hysterically crying thinking i had broken another bone and not noticed it when my grandmother told me to get to the ER.

After sitting there for 4-5 hours i was told to go to urgent care because They were too busy At that point i had to have someone drive my car to urgent care for me because i had no motion in my arm.

I was at the urgent care waiting for about 2 hours before i finally gave up and came home. After trying ice and my heating pad i went to bed and didn’t think much of it anymore.

Yesterday morning i woke up and my arm had gotten much worse, from my elbow to wrist my veins were more than noticeable and the part that had originally hurt was now a deeper purple and blue. My thumb and the fatty tissue below it had turned an odd tone of violet and black.

I made my way back to urgent care and waited for 2 hours watching everyone before me and everyone that came in after me was called up in taken care of. After being called back finally i went over the pain and the last day’s issues

They’ve tested my mucus, my throat, my blood, my piss, they’ve pumped me with 3 different pain meds, they’ve done two ultrasounds, a set of 2 xrays, tested my lungs, i’ve gone through a CT/MRI. I’ve had an ultra sound on my stomach, and i had my blood tested again this morning before school.

The doctor called me this afternoon and told me i’m healthy and perfectly fine (as i should be). She mentioned that i need to see another doctor/go to another hospital/see a specialist. I told her my arm is getting worse and is hurting more than it had the past two days and she said there’s no reason it should be.

She asked agai (for the 3456346 time) if i had maybe slept on it wrong or slammed against something and my answer, as always, was no.

My arm is currently paining me to the point i’ve been crying all day, everyone wants to poke the swollen mass i call my arm and when they do i have to force myself to not scream in pain. I’m more than upset that no one has found anything wrong with my arm.

After having an ultra sound specialist basically push down that stupid wand thing on my arm and screw it up even more, after having my left arm pricked and pinned with needles three days, and after sitting on my ass in an xray room for a good 4 hours i’m upset.

I won’t be blogging or posting anything until my arm heals up or falls off. My right arm is my dominant arm and since i’m being forced to use my left hand for everything it’s all going slower than normal. Not having your dominant arm even makes you feel pitiful and worthless.

The cost of all of the tests are up in the thousands and thankfully Aetna covered all of it but i’m more than sure they’ll be calling to ask why i had so many tests.


2 responses

  1. Isara Beaumont

    I’m sorry for the pain you have to suffer. It sounds like you might have a thrombosis – did you visit a specialist for phlebology?

    December 16, 2010 at 2:26 pm

  2. Michele

    I just stumbled across your blog and saw your post and felt moved to comment. I truly hope you get better because I know how scary that must be >.< I'll def. keep you in my prayers ❤

    -Michele Stoneshield

    December 17, 2010 at 2:10 am

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