Plastik Christmas; The Elves

My arm is slowly becoming much easier to move and use and i thought i’d take that time and blog these adorable skins that are out at Plastik (For Christmas!!)

The skins, like all of Kea’s skins, come with the normal makeups that’d you’d get but also come with a few festive makeups. I tried to show you all the makeups (including the normal ones)

Elven Candy cane

A selection of Elven Candy cane makeups


Elven Christmas Past

A selection of Elven Christmas past makeups

Elven Cranberry

A selection of Elven Cranberry Makeups

Elven Menthe

A selection of Elven Menthe makeups

Elven Holly

A selection of Elven Holly makeups

Check out The Plastik

also worn;

Hair – lamb (Hair was exclusive, not around anymore)

Underwear – Not around anymore

Shoes – Lelutka

Poses – Discord


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