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1.28.11/Lookbook 003 & news!

I’m more than sorry for never blogging any more, a lot is going on in real life and i’m trying hard to not make that my excuse!

The news; The new themed poses @ the theme market will be up soon! and Feburary 8th will be the last day you can purchase items at Eahh!

For more information about Eahh and for a slurl to the event hall go here , here , and here

I have items 3 items at my mainstore at the theme market and at the event hall that go towards donations towards Eahh.

Now onto the look and hair!

Hair – Truth

Skin – Curio

Shirt, Skirt, Bag, Shoes – Milk Motion

Poses – [.Zombie Fetus.]

The hair i’m wearing is a new release from Truth.

All in Barley

There’s three new releases and they all come with streaks and Billie and Odette come with attachment points

Billie comes with a cute hat that changes colors, Neve has adorable hair bands that can either be recolored or go invisible, and Odette is super adorable and is my favorite this week. It comes with bangs that you can wear with it but it’s an option.


Listening to; Date Rape – Sublime


Tuli; Claire

I started my own tumblr so i’ve been more than amused by that the past few days, excuse me for being slow!

(pics are a little less smooth due to not being on normal computer)

(Wearing L.fauna freckles tan)

Tuli released 5 new(er) skins and out of all of them Claire is by far my favorite. It’s soft but looks mature at the same time, it’s why i haven’t taken it off for oh..3 days?

What i love the most about the skins is that they come with tattoo layers for almost EVERYTHING.

The normal breast is what all the skins have, subtle and boost are the tattoo layers for the breasts. I can’t say i’ll ever wear boost because i’m not so much about the extra boosted look since my breasts are already big 😛

Despite me never taking off my L.fauna Tattoo layer freckles, i LOVE these.  They’re not body freckles but they come in Light and dark and can be used with every skin out there ❤

Lashes also come on tattoo layers too! Black, Blue, Brown are the colors you can choose from

And a selection of lip colors!

All in all each purchase of any of the skins come with 6 skins in all, Bare + 5 makeups. They come with two tattoo layer breast options, 3   colored lashes on tattoo layers, and 12 lip colors on tattoo layers. All skins come with light/dark freckles on tattoo layers too! And if that isn’t enough, each skin comes with the shape in the ad mod/copy so you can tweak it as much as you like.



Hair – Lamb (not available)

Lingerie – Intimizzio

Poses – Dismorph

Ataciara Release <3

You know how i blogged a week or so ago about Aikea, The plastik, making brand new skins? Well..They were released yesterday!

This blog post is VERY pic heavy, like PICTURES EVERYWHERE…MADNESS!

Edit;  I’ll be blogging the elven tones tomorrow!

These are the natural tones, there’s 6 tones in all and they’re all names of a type of music. Song being the lightest, Lullaby being the darkest.

They also come with a cleavage and no cleavage option

Body freckles, Darker lips, Face freckles, Lighter lips, Stripe lips, And smudgy eye makeup

She’s also included tattoo layers with all the skins this time too!

Okay now, this is the pic heavy part. I took pictures of ALL the makeups as a record for me and to show you so you get an idea of what they all look like. If you’d like to see bigger versions of any of them go to my flickr

Azucar, Bare, Betta, Blood

Bombshell, Dorado, Elvirah, Geisha

God, Homicide, Inhibitor, Insomniac

Karma purple, Karma sea, Killer, Leopardice

London fog, Lungless, Monarch, Morocca

Nihilism, Overdose, Papyrus, Phoenix

Sand, Sea Nymph, Shadow Cateye, Smolder

Swagger, Thrash Blue, Thrash Gold, Thrash Orange

Thrash Pink, Thrash Purple, Thrash Red, Thrash Spring

Thrash Teal, Tigerfish, Valleje, Vegas

TP to plastik ❤

Wearing –

ALL hair –

Panties – Mon tissu

Poses – Porcupine Love

Listening To; Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood

[.Zombie Fetus.] In the Theme market!

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know these 5 poses are available at the theme market starting tomorrow (But it’s out right now if you’d like to come by and get it)


The theme market holds a Theme every so often (i think it’s every month?) and starting tomorrow it’s going to hold it’s first theme!

The theme is child hood memories!!

As a child i was always hyper and looked for things to jump in/jump on/jump off of. The thrill of flying for a few seconds excited me. After taking many days trying to figure out what to make for the Theme market (since i make poses and i’m not a good sculptor) i remembered climbing trees, jumping off my stairs, staying up all night jumping on my bed, posing whilst flinging myself into the neighbors pool…it made me laugh to realize how simple it would be to pull off such cute poses.

I hope you enjoy and that these poses let you relive being a little kid again ❤

//Lanie Windlow

Join the theme market subscribo to keep up to date with the monthly themes and stores

1.6.11/Lookbook 002.

I kind of like this whole…Lookbook thing, it’s fun to know that people like getting fashion advice from me…out of anyone else there…you guys like MY fashion? ❤ im honored haha!

The deets;

Hair – Truth

Collar – BOOM

Jacket – LMK

Tank –

Skirt – SMS

Skin – Curio

Feet – SLink

Poses – Croire

The hair i’m wearing is new from Truth, it came out this past Thursday and it’s all so adorable ❤

All in blood

All hair this week comes in streaks and multi position options. My favorite has to be a split between pepper and tatum because they both have cute little hair accessorizes. Pepper has a hairband that comes with a flower but i made it invisible because i didnt feel like having a billion flowers all over me.


Listening to; Bjork – Earth intruders (Lexx remix)


Aikea, of Plastik, will be releasing some of her newest skins soon with a revamped(ish) body and a gorgeous new face.

The skins name is Ataciara and with new-“ish” tones, this skin is to die for.

The skinstones

The darker tones

The lighter tones

More Make-up!!

Please join the Plastik group and look forward to this skin coming soon!!

Hair – Lamb

Lingerie – Fishy Strawberry

Poses – Izumiya

Shoes – Lelutka


Listening To; Gorillaz – Hillbilly man

Lookbook 001.

To kick off my “IM GOING TO BLOG AND BE A GOOD BLOGGER” resolution thing i’ve decided to blog the random thing i call my outfit today ;P


What’s being worn;

hair – truth (Last weeks release ❤ uber cute)

skin – Curio

ears – Plastik

Necklace – Boom

cardi/jacket/thing – Kiitos

Dress – Kyoot

Gloves – Kyoot

Boots – [N]

I love this outfit, it’s kinda weird but that’s what happens when you have an inventory of 63k.

Happy shopping ❤