[.Zombie Fetus.] In the Theme market!

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know these 5 poses are available at the theme market starting tomorrow (But it’s out right now if you’d like to come by and get it)

SLURL; slurl.com/secondlife/Twilight%20Waters/100/196/813

The theme market holds a Theme every so often (i think it’s every month?) and starting tomorrow it’s going to hold it’s first theme!

The theme is child hood memories!!

As a child i was always hyper and looked for things to jump in/jump on/jump off of. The thrill of flying for a few seconds excited me. After taking many days trying to figure out what to make for the Theme market (since i make poses and i’m not a good sculptor) i remembered climbing trees, jumping off my stairs, staying up all night jumping on my bed, posing whilst flinging myself into the neighbors pool…it made me laugh to realize how simple it would be to pull off such cute poses.

I hope you enjoy and that these poses let you relive being a little kid again ❤

//Lanie Windlow

Join the theme market subscribo to keep up to date with the monthly themes and stores


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