Ataciara Release <3

You know how i blogged a week or so ago about Aikea, The plastik, making brand new skins? Well..They were released yesterday!

This blog post is VERY pic heavy, like PICTURES EVERYWHERE…MADNESS!

Edit;  I’ll be blogging the elven tones tomorrow!

These are the natural tones, there’s 6 tones in all and they’re all names of a type of music. Song being the lightest, Lullaby being the darkest.

They also come with a cleavage and no cleavage option

Body freckles, Darker lips, Face freckles, Lighter lips, Stripe lips, And smudgy eye makeup

She’s also included tattoo layers with all the skins this time too!

Okay now, this is the pic heavy part. I took pictures of ALL the makeups as a record for me and to show you so you get an idea of what they all look like. If you’d like to see bigger versions of any of them go to my flickr

Azucar, Bare, Betta, Blood

Bombshell, Dorado, Elvirah, Geisha

God, Homicide, Inhibitor, Insomniac

Karma purple, Karma sea, Killer, Leopardice

London fog, Lungless, Monarch, Morocca

Nihilism, Overdose, Papyrus, Phoenix

Sand, Sea Nymph, Shadow Cateye, Smolder

Swagger, Thrash Blue, Thrash Gold, Thrash Orange

Thrash Pink, Thrash Purple, Thrash Red, Thrash Spring

Thrash Teal, Tigerfish, Valleje, Vegas

TP to plastik ❤

Wearing –

ALL hair –

Panties – Mon tissu

Poses – Porcupine Love

Listening To; Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood


One response

  1. I love how you featured these skins. Absolutely beautiful ^^

    January 31, 2011 at 8:55 pm

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