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3.25.11/Lookbook 012

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There is always those days every week where the only thing that i do is lay in bed and listen to music. Those days are days where i purposely keep my pajamas on for longer than i should, i allow myself to pig out on animal crackers, and Arizona tea, and i just enjoy the quiet realization that i’m relaxed. For once. Today was one of those days, no one ever wants to do anything on such a rainy and cold day like this. I think that’s partly what influences all my outfits on second life, the music and relaxation.

(Sorry for the crappy quality, i only realized after taking these that my settings had reset on their own.)

Lanie is wearing;

Hair – Truth

Hair flower – Miel

Skin – Pink fuel

Scarf – Miel

Bag – Miel

Cardi – SMS

Long sleeve – SMS

Skirt – SMS

Leggings – Happy finds

Boots – SMS

Poses – Zombie fetus, Glitterati


Both in carrot

Truth released two women styles and a male style, for a correct image of the male style and it’s feat go to his page.

My favorite this week is definitely Sarita. She comes with different attachment points, streaks. I adore braids of all lengths and colors and the braid just goes so well with the frilly bangs and long waves in the back.

Carina is also adorable, i don’t wear many pony tails but i do have to admit with the given streak option and the ability to mod the bangs i’ll probably wear her a lot.

Go check out the demos at Truth!


[.Zombie Fetus.] The tragic dollarbie

Thank you to everyone who took their time to cheer me on as a new pose maker, making dollarbie and having so many people buy them makes me happy. Thank you for sticking around so long ❤

Market Place


Day two of -LaViere-

I can’t stop with this cute thing, i’m starting to grow attached to yellows and pinks.

Lanie is wearing;

Headband – Elate!

Hair – Elikatira

Skin – Pink Fuel

Jacket – LMK

Dress – -LaViere-

Shoes – UBU

Poses – Glitterati

Currently Listening to: CocoRosie vs. Outkast


Day one of -LaViere-

The owner of LaViere is so sweet, and not to mention her clothes are more then adorable. I’ve had a terribly bad time trying to find something else to wear that isn’t her clothes ❤

For the next few days i’ll be posting many outfits that surround her line and focus on outfits created by them!

Lanie is wearing:

Hair – Maitreya

Hair flower –

Necklace – Mustache

Shirt – -LaViere-

Pants – -LaViere-

Shoes – Maitreya

Poses – glitterati


Lookbook 009

Hair – Lamb

Hair flower –

Skin – Curio

Eyeliner – Mock

Shirt – Kyoot

Long sleeve – Kyoot

Belt – MM’s

Pants – Atomic

Shoes – Periquita

Poses – Olive Juice

Currently Listening To:  Donora – Shh

3.4.11 / lookbook 008

I’ve discovered most my looks turn into things i’d wear in real life, instead of the avant garde, high fashion, and out of the oridinary fashion i see on the feeds. Maybe that makes me boring, but i can dig it.


Hair – Truth

Hair flower –

Skin – YS & YS

Lip tint – Luckless

Necklace – Whippet And Buck

Shirt – Luck inc.

Belt – MM’s

Pants – Atomic

Shoes – ANEXX

Poses – Glitterati

Currently Listening To: Aerosmith – Pink

Both in cherry

The hairstyles this week come in 2 different styles each and streak options.

They both will honestly go with ANYTHING but Florence, in my opinion, is the week favorite. It’s cute but can also be used in different outfits for a more chic/bed head look.


Lookbook 007

For the past few days i’ve been more than excited and jubilant. Life is something funny, sometimes you can be mentally and physically exhausted and feel like a big sad bug has crawled into your butt and effected everything you do, say, and think. Then there is day’s like today, where despite everything people throw out you, you can’t help but smile and be excited to be around during such a wonderful day. It helped a lot that today was the first day all year that was semi-warm and bright.

I guess it shows in what i wear and listen to!

Hair – Truth

Hair flower –

Skin – YS&YS

Necklace(s) – Whippet and Buck

Shirt – Whippet And Buck

Skirt – Surf co.

Shoes – Periquita

Poses – {SMS} , flowey


Currently Listening To:  Rachel Goodrich – Lightbulb