3.25.11/Lookbook 012

Currently Listening To: White Hinterland – Icarus

There is always those days every week where the only thing that i do is lay in bed and listen to music. Those days are days where i purposely keep my pajamas on for longer than i should, i allow myself to pig out on animal crackers, and Arizona tea, and i just enjoy the quiet realization that i’m relaxed. For once. Today was one of those days, no one ever wants to do anything on such a rainy and cold day like this. I think that’s partly what influences all my outfits on second life, the music and relaxation.

(Sorry for the crappy quality, i only realized after taking these that my settings had reset on their own.)

Lanie is wearing;

Hair – Truth

Hair flower – Miel

Skin – Pink fuel

Scarf – Miel

Bag – Miel

Cardi – SMS

Long sleeve – SMS

Skirt – SMS

Leggings – Happy finds

Boots – SMS

Poses – Zombie fetus, Glitterati


Both in carrot

Truth released two women styles and a male style, for a correct image of the male style and it’s feat go to his page.

My favorite this week is definitely Sarita. She comes with different attachment points, streaks. I adore braids of all lengths and colors and the braid just goes so well with the frilly bangs and long waves in the back.

Carina is also adorable, i don’t wear many pony tails but i do have to admit with the given streak option and the ability to mod the bangs i’ll probably wear her a lot.

Go check out the demos at Truth!


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