4.8.11 / Lookbook 013

Currently Listening To: Crystal Castles – Intimate

Whilst most people are in some tropical happy beach, or in another state maybe even another country?, i’m more then content with spending my weak of freedom and relaxation at home. I spent most of this week rejoicing and celebrating my birthday, which was April 2nd! I’ve never felt so old and so young at the same time and it’s kind of odd to think back on because i’ve spent almost 3 years in second life celebrating birthday’s and rezz days. I just want to bow and thank those of you who have been around me for so very long and haven’t yet faded ❤

I need to figure out what’s going on the crappy quality! I think my computer has finally given up with dealing with my overly high settings and complete lack of what “running two or three different programs at a time” means.

Lanie is wearing –

Hair – truth

Skin – Dernier Cri

Bag – Orta

Dress – Kyoot (She’s having a 50L sale on everything until April 10th!)

Shoes – Lelutka

Poses – Glitterati

Both in Marmalade

I adore the hairs this week, two of my favorites. I’ve yet to take Alison off and don’t plan to either. Both come with streak options and Mylie comes with different attachment points.



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