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[.Zombie Fetus.] Never ending…sale!

So for about a month or so or until i decide to put my prices back, everything will be at lower prices.

All pose packs are 50L

Single poses are 10L

Shapes are 100L

You can find all of it minus single poses and shape demos on my


Everything is also available in-world


(Once there, click on the purple/ last teleporter on the pole!)



I’ve decided i’ll be going with Tuesday and Friday, it gives me enough time to explore sims and find a lot of lovely places without feeling rushed!

My second place is ROCHE

A friend of mine, Pixel Tyran, has a severe obsession with sitting on bridges and demands only the best of quality. One day while trying to find the perfect bridge, she came across this time and it’s vast amount of bridges! Oh, heavenly glorious day was it! Now, it’s one of her favorite places to bridge sit!

(You can go to my flickr for higher res pictures)


B&B Spiritual Supplies ~ a Botanica

So for the next few weeks, maybe twice a week? I will be exploring sims and blogging them. I was talking to a friend last night who brought up her idea, which she posted to flickr only minutes before, of exploring sims again. When we were new to SL, it was still a nice place to be in and inhabited a lot of great people as well as sims.

Maybe i’ll blog…Tuesdays and Thursdays? Sounds like a good idea!

My first place on the list this week is

B&B Spiritual Supplies ~ a Botanica

(You can go to my flickr for higher res pictures)


Lookbook 028

Currently listening to: And One – Military Fashion Show

Hair – Damselfly

Skin – Pink Fuel

Hat – La Malvada Mujer

Face Paint – Truth

Cigarette – Primitive Design

Nails – La Malvada Mujer

Nipples – Twee.

Long Sleeve – WWI

Corset – Luck inc.

Skirt – Luck inc.

Socks – WWI

Shoes – VC Designs

Poses – Glitterati


Both in blood red.

I haven’t been posting a lot lately and i’ll work on that but this weeks truth has to be one of my favorites so far!

Also, if you haven’t been down there Truth has opened Truth District which brings together some of the best stores around the grid!

Truth and Truth Disctrict

What i’m wearing –

Skin – Body Co.

Teeth – [PXL]

Shirt – d.Select

Poses – Glitterati

Lookbook 027

Currently listening to: Nine Inch Nails – Closer

Hair – Elikatira

Skin – Pink Fuel

Flower –

Glasses – Mon Tissu

Nails – Sin & Virtue

Shirt – Ronsem

Belt – Miel

Skirt – Insanya

Boots – Kboots

Poses – *ES*

Lookbook 026

Currently listening to: Arcade Fire – My Body is a Cage

Hair – Elikatira

Skin – Pink Fuel

Glasses – Mon Tissu

Coat – Pivaaca (Kiitos)

Shirt – Tres Blah

Pants – Kyoot

Shoes – Pixel Mode

Poses – *ES*