B&B Spiritual Supplies ~ a Botanica

So for the next few weeks, maybe twice a week? I will be exploring sims and blogging them. I was talking to a friend last night who brought up her idea, which she posted to flickr only minutes before, of exploring sims again. When we were new to SL, it was still a nice place to be in and inhabited a lot of great people as well as sims.

Maybe i’ll blog…Tuesdays and Thursdays? Sounds like a good idea!

My first place on the list this week is

B&B Spiritual Supplies ~ a Botanica

(You can go to my flickr for higher res pictures)

The sim is very unique in the sense that, if you have sound and ambient on, it carries a lot of distinct noises you’d only find in a swamp. I think my favorite part about it was how real the sounds blended with the surroundings. From crackling fire, to the calls of bats and splash of interrupted water.

With it’s vast amount of hoodoo / voodou markings and it’s various landscaping essentials for the perfect making of a hoodoo queens home. It’s so contagious i started dancing with trees and invisible people.

I only found out about this place last night thanks to Aranel Ah, but i’m 100% sure that there’s live music here sometimes! What a great sim to listen to music on!

With it’s vast amount of nature for pictures and shots for blogs, there’s also a main store there. It holds many oddities and arts (As the sign says!)

What’s cooler is that in many subscribo messages the designer mentions that the things she makes and puts out for sale actually come from real life knicks and knacks she finds!

My two favorite parts about this is the funny wooden blocks with quotes and posters on them and the many swamp animals you can find there. There’s a pot belly pig by the entrance which is just…uh..lovely? Haha.

I hope to explore many more sims and if you know any nifty jewels in the sand of SL sims, don’t hesitate to IM me or leave a slurl in the comments!


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  1. bandbspiritualsupplies

    You make my heart sing!

    July 27, 2011 at 12:13 pm

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