I’ve decided i’ll be going with Tuesday and Friday, it gives me enough time to explore sims and find a lot of lovely places without feeling rushed!

My second place is ROCHE

A friend of mine, Pixel Tyran, has a severe obsession with sitting on bridges and demands only the best of quality. One day while trying to find the perfect bridge, she came across this time and it’s vast amount of bridges! Oh, heavenly glorious day was it! Now, it’s one of her favorite places to bridge sit!

(You can go to my flickr for higher res pictures)

When i first came upon this sim, thanks to pixel, she told me that you could “rent” (By rent i mean click a board and sit on the bike.) a bike and cruise around the sim on it. How Marvelous!

I think the whole bike thing fits in with how rural and quiet the mood is. It’s reminds me of a very small town or a city in the middle of no where.

With hot dog stands, work spaces, and bakery’s, it’s hard not to think that you wouldn’t have bus stops!

The sim is based around a large lake, so it’d only be practical that the animals and homes around the lake would in fact be very…shore based instead of inland!

I named the above sheep “The lonely sheep that was!”, but with sheep there’s also donkeys, ducks, chickens, cats, fish, and even a crow!

The actual furnishing of the homes are very country, and rural living. It includes a cafe and, i would assume a farmers home.

All in all, this sim is very calming and i wouldn’t mind being on this sim most every other day. There’s a lot of hidden things which i purposely did not picture because well, whats the fun of that? The sounds of the animals mixed with the added sounds of water is just lovely, it’s a very quiet sim and i’d like to see a lot more other sims like this on the grid!

Until next tuesday, xx.


One response

  1. Pixelchu

    We be bridge nerds. ❤

    July 29, 2011 at 5:50 pm

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