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(Picture Heavy. Be warned!)

Mochi, of Pink Fuel, put out her newest skin. She’s called “Kumi”, and there’s been many sneak peeks of it over the past year and even a few small releases of previews. Today is the day though! I feel she needs an introduction because we’ve all waited patiently for Kumi to be released, but i think whomever is reading this would think of me as a bit…out of the brain.

I am only blogging the Vanilla tone, but know there is 8 new tones (including vanilla.)

The bod.

Kumi, as said above, comes in 8 tones and from lightest to darkest are  Ivory, Vanilla, Peach, Latte, Hazel, Mocha, Java and Espresso.

(The rest of the pictures below the cut!)

The Brows.

The eyebrows (depending on tone) come in 3-4 options.

The Make-ups

There is 18 make ups in total, and 2 per pack.

In addition, the “Pure” makeup includes a “crease” option which enlarges the upper eyelid to revert it into less of an Asian look if desired.

Lip Add-ons

In total, there is 42 (Yes, i totally counted them all.) The lips also vary depending on what skin tone you get, from peach up you get the light lips and from latte down you get the darker lips. All lips also come with teeth options. In my opinion, i adore the tints. They’re super sweet and simple. But yes, lip pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Lip Frost

Lip Glaze

Lip Tint

Lip Matte

Lanie’s wearing:

Hair – Burley

Panties – ?Why

Poses – E.ink

Pink Fuel

Enjoy lovelies,

Mwah, L.


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