Review Copies?

I’ve created many blogs over the span of time i’ve spent on second life, i’ve been a visiting blogger for many well known wordpresses and blogspots, and even though they aren’t around anymore i still believe i may not have the worlds best style but i’m a good blogger and i enjoy what i do.

If you’d like me to blog or review one or more of your products please don’t hesitate. My Instant messages do cache so it’d be wise to send a notecard
I blog mostly everything and anything, i’m getting the hang of blogging other things besides sims, clothing, and hair though so please stick with me.

If there’s any specific details about your store or the product that you’d like me to include send it in a notecard.

My favorite clothing colors: Brown tones, Pink tones, Purple tones, and Blue tones

My favorite hair colors: Red, Brown, Blond

My favorite furnishing themes: Cozy, comfortable, dark, bright. I don’t do well with light pink etc.etc.

I’m very picky so if something of yours isn’t blogged it’s probably because i didn’t feel it matched my style or i didn’t like it very much.

It doesn’t take long for me to get pictures out and to get the blog done but if my real life is busy it won’t be out as fast as it would be. Please respect the fact that i am not on second life 24/7 and i promise you that real life will ALWAYS come first.