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Berry Blogger Challenge – What’s your fix?

“This week’s Blogger challenge is: What’s your fix?
Blog about something that you just can’t live without. What are you addicted to? It can be a fashion fix, photo fix, SL fix, etc… Let’s hear about it.

Please remember to link to your blogger challenge posts in the comments below so I don’t miss them and thanks ahead of time for participating! You can look up any previous challenges on this page and do them at anytime. <3″

For more info go to: Berry Blogger Challenge – What’s your fix?

Being the heavy thinker i am, i’ve been trying to sort this challenge out. When it comes to second life, i rely on windlights, hair, skin, and usually notecards.

Windlights make the perfect setting for a picture, they can either make or break it. Yes, photoshop easily fixes the “Breaks” but sometimes you can’t get the same pretty clouds or same color of water in photoshop as you can with an in world “lighting system” so to speak.

You can and will at one point go around the grid bald, but for me, hair makes the outfit. Whether it’s a tied up, sit-on-my-platform, frizzy hair or it’s curly and very rockabilly meets glam rockstar it all goes with the outfit. You have to pick through the bad circa 2008 flexi hair and the over done, overly huge, full bright hair to find the few good ones out there.

Remember the days where you had maybe 3 skins that where MADE by linden lab? Those days when prim hair hadn’t even been created? Skins and hair alike have evolved. Hell, we have alpha and tattoo layers now to make wearing things easier and to make skins more easier to mix and match with. Vampire bloody skins, faun and furry skins, to just normal cat eye red lip human skins, the skin industry is my “crack” or “fix” so to speak..

After some thinking about what my real fix is, it hit me.


I hate how shitty it is, but that’s boredom for you 🙂

Jade, Leigha, Lanie

Peacocks are wonderful

Kea and Kaz are lovely lovers

It just goes to show that friends can keep you sane, or make you go INSANE.

I think they keep me insane in the most sane possible way ❤

The winner is – Little miss sunshine soundtrack


Berry’s Blogger Challenge; Content Creator Appreciation

This week’s Blogger challenge is: Content Creator Appreciation
Blog about a content creator that does something a little extra that you wish other content creators did as well. It can be anything from those designers that take the time to do extra layers or anything else that you feel helps you out in your slife.

Please remember to link to your blogger challenge posts in the comments below so I don’t miss them and thanks ahead of time for participating! You can look up any previous challenges on this page and do them at anytime. ❤

For more information visit: Berry’s Blogger Challenge – Content Creator Appreciation


I’ve had to think about this for a a day or so, there’s so many designers that go the extra foot (or in this case; prim) to make it an enjoyable experience to shop or explore in second life. Out of all the content creators on second life, i most appreciate Aikea Reiko, The creator and designer behind The Plastik.

Jaida dress; available soon at The Plastik

Before “The Plastik” she was Tokeo plastik, a store which has been in my inventory for almost 2 years. She was the first store i happened upon other than Magika and Jill.

What makes her special is that despite being a very accomplished Second life designer, she also became my best friend. I met her through a great friend of mine Colemarie, instantly Aikea became the girl i ran around with, the girl i talked to on a not so normal daily basis, She was my go to girl for things i needed to find or just someone to talk to and relate with.

[18:20] Aikea Rieko: look at your picture everywhere on my shiz
[18:20] Aikea Rieko: LOOK AT IT

I’ve learned over the two year span of being clingy to her shop that she also is sweet and caring to her customers and Plastik visitors. If you need help, there’s a 99.9% chance that she’ll help you, whether it’s an item not delivered, or a wrong skin tone. (Not to mention she’ll try and pull a bad joke and be hilarious when ever she can!)

I picked Aikea because she’s become my right hand girl, or i’ve become her side kick, either way she’s one of the sweetest people i know in second life.

She gives me good sex too

The Plastik

Currently Listening To: My chemical romance – Na Na Na

Very berry blogging challenge

Strawberry Singh has started giving out blogger challenges and since i’m starting to more and more fail at NOT doing them, i thought i’d give this one a try.

Blog about your favorite designer and why they are your favorite. What do you like about their designs? How do they inspire you? Do you have a story to share about any experiences?

See the rest of her post at Berry’s Blogger Challenge

It took me a while to figure out what outfit or what designer i love most, I was torn between Trilobite and Luck inc. My love for corsets and jeans are so heavy and balance each other out it’s hard to say which one wins. I adore Trilobite because the corsets are like my drug, i can’t stop buying them and i can’t stop wearing them. Jeans though…i LIVE in jeans. And luck inc is one of my favorite stores to go for jeans.

It’s hard for me to choose what designer i favor though, Luck inc, Trilobite, Pink fuel, Plastik, Laq,  hell even illusions is one of my favorites stores.

They all in some way make up parts of my inventory and are the heaviest set of folders i have.

I’m a sucker for anything cute and anything that’s sexy. Poses, Elf ears, Skins (Half i barely wear but are uber cute..), shoes, socks, you name it i have it.

What Lanie is wearing:

Hair – 69

Bra – Luck inc

Corset – Trilobite

Belt – Hermony

Jeans – Luck inc

Shoes – UBU

Skin – Laq

All poses – !Bang, Glitterati

Currently Listening To: The blue van – Put my name in the sand

Blogger Challenges are sexy

I’ve never really done any kind of blogger challenges because i get too bored with going with rules and such, but when i heard about Alysha Rennahan’s newest challenges i was like “OH SHAT IMA DO IT!”

The challenge was to wear nothing but Hair, skin, and shoes! Easy Huh? Not really, I went through a lot of styles and was like “Fuck it, i’m going with cute.”

I’ve always adored homey, Forrest, prairie, outdoorsy, warm, looks. Every house i’ve had in second life and every sim i’ve owned has ALWAYS been outdoorsey and warm and darker but bright. I thought i’d do the challenge by leaving my background as just a little setup i did!

Lanie Is wearing:

hair – Lamb

Skin – Laq

Shoes – ANEXX

❤ Have fun