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Lookbook 035

Currently listening to: Hypocritical Kiss – Jack White

I promised i’d post more and i am! First of all, if you haven’t downloaded or at least listened to Jack white’s newest album, you need to. Urgently. I adore Jack white and his newest album is just, flawless. Now, i adore summer but i can’t keep myself from wanting to do cozy winter based look books. Summer is exciting and fresh and hot, but winter is cozy and warm and adorable. I like adorable. Don’t judge.

What lanie’s wearing:

Hair – [e] Return – Red 05

Skin – *League* Skin Jen Pale -Set B – *League* Jen Pale Olive (Cleavage C)

Necklace 1 –  *~*Illusions*~* – *~*Cord Necklace: Small/Copy


Necklace 3 – [W&B] Repairs Necklace SILVER – AMBER

Guitar – ::{u.f.o}::accoustic collabo -hoola – bag

Shirt – -[AddiCt]-LUCILLE Sweater Dress/Sungold

Coin Purse – +9 knit bear coin purse

Skirt – ::{u.f.o}::cocoon bells – always lace

Socks 1 – *League* Thermal Stockings Black -Brown Garter Silver

Socks 2 -*League* Thermal Long Socks Frayed Brown

Boots – [N] moccasins – calf high 3 layer fringe – brown

Poses – (Marukin)



Poses – PDA

Hair – [e]

Boom has always been the go to store for clothing that’s versatile and can be Mixed and Matched, the Somnium release is probably the greatest of them. There’s 5 ways in all to wear the collection ranging from wearing the whole dress, wearing the body suit alone, wearing the bodysuit with the chest piece, bodysuit with skirt, and you can even get away with wearing the chest piece alone.

The bodysuit and chest/skirt prices are sold separately, instead of buying a pack and getting a body suit in every other folder you just buy the body suit and then buy the chest/skirt pieces you want. It’s way cheaper and much more funner to mix and match with .

As a release gift the Aureolus add on set is free, i’m not sure for how long though so grab it while you can~



Blue blood on my hands

Poses – PDA

Hair – [e]

I adore these dresses and sorry for the overly bloody bloody but i didn’t want to take them off yesterday. These dresses are a new release from Blue blood and come in 6 colors and 3 options. An open skirt (right) full gown (left) and lingerie (not shown). I personally adore the full gown option, i’m not much of a girly girl but i adore long gowns and have a collection of them on second life. They’re full of win!

Blue blood

Listening To: Passion Pit – Reeling