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Sn@tch it up.

I’ve been a long time fan and customer of sn@tch,  i think my first outfit was from sn@tch (it was neko ears/tail, and a dress..i was one of THOSE noobs). Over the past 3 years i’ve seen Ivey become better and better and grow out. As a younger SLer, i looked forward to her sales and all of her events like her halloween hunt/quest every year, or her christmas and retiring sales. Sn@tch has stuck with me throughout my entire stay on SL and i’m a kid in a candy shop when it comes to being able to speak to her. in IM. IN IM. Guys, that’s like..hitting the jackpot for me.

I was over joyed to be able to blog for her and as a way of showing how most of her clothing can really pull a look together, or add to an awesome outfit i’ve put together 6 outfits using items from her newer releases.

My soundtrack for today: Datsik & Flux Pavillion – Game over

Outfit 1

Hair – Lelutka
Skin – Dernier Cri
Necklace – (NS)
Bag – Aura
Corset – SN@TCH
Dress – Kyoot
Shoes – Lelutka
Poses – *ES*

Outfit 2

Hair –
Skin – Aura
Lipgloss – Pink Fuel
Dimple Piercings – Hod
Feather Earring – Bellballs
Bodysuit – HolliPocket
Bra – W&B
Corset – Plastik
Belt – Blitzed
Bracelet – Hod
Pants – SN@TCH
Boots – Plastik
Poses – Marukin

Outfit 3

Horns – Titianas court
Ears/tail – Atomic
Hair – Lamb
Skin – Curio
Shirt – Atomic
Pants – SN@TCH
Shoes – Violent Seduction
Poses – Diesel Works

Outfit 4

Hair – Lelutka
Skin – Laq (Old christmas gift)
Guitar – u.f.o.
Shirt – SN@TCH
Highwaist corset ( Technically highwaist undies) – Gawk
Belt – MM’s
Skirt – Aura
Shoes – Lelutka
Poses – Ploom

Outfit 5

Hair – Exile
Skin – League
Collar – Sinistyle
Necklace – NS
Shrug – Grave (part of g206 Defence)
Underbust – Kyoot
Bra – Sweetest Goodbye (closed now?)
Shirt – SN@TCH
Belt – Hermony
Glove – Cheerno
Armwarmer – Maitreya
Skirt – insanya
Stockings – insanya (comes with above listed skirt)
Boots – Tonktastic
Poses – Ploom, Empersonate, illmatic

Outfit 6

Hair – (fd)
Skin – YS & YS
Scarf – (nsd)
Vest – Kiitos
Tank top – SN@TCH
Long Sleeve – Genre
Corset –
Belt – Blitzed
Pants – SN@TCH (Comes with tank top stated above)
Boots – Plastik
Poses – Glitterati

I hope you take the chance to visit sn@tch and create marvelous outfits, her clothing is something everyone needs!


   – L


Lookbook 033

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What lanie is wearing:

Hair – Truth

Skin – Pink Fuel ( With love again hunt!)

Necklace 1 – Illusions

Necklace 2 – Armidi Gisaci

Shirt – Mon Tissu

Leggings – Kyoot

Socks – Doppelganger

Boots – [N]aughty

Poses – Glitterati

Naughty & Nice versions of the hunt skin

Lookbook 028

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Hair – Damselfly

Skin – Pink Fuel

Hat – La Malvada Mujer

Face Paint – Truth

Cigarette – Primitive Design

Nails – La Malvada Mujer

Nipples – Twee.

Long Sleeve – WWI

Corset – Luck inc.

Skirt – Luck inc.

Socks – WWI

Shoes – VC Designs

Poses – Glitterati


Both in blood red.

I haven’t been posting a lot lately and i’ll work on that but this weeks truth has to be one of my favorites so far!

Also, if you haven’t been down there Truth has opened Truth District which brings together some of the best stores around the grid!

Truth and Truth Disctrict

What i’m wearing –

Skin – Body Co.

Teeth – [PXL]

Shirt – d.Select

Poses – Glitterati

One word: Elly

If you’re new to Second life i’m not sure how much this first part will make sense to you,’ll still love this skin.

It’s been almost a year since Mochi mentioned a whole new face would be available “soon”. God love her, with every IM i’ve sent to her and with every tease picture she’s released, she’s finally released it! She’s hinted at a few other faces, and even a male skin, coming out soon too! Be on the watch for her next release guys, it’ll be as great and maybe even greater than this one!

I think after this post i might take a break, after many crashes and many aggravating flaws of my PC i finally got EVERYTHING pictured. When i see everything i mean..everything. Make ups, accessories, Body, brow options..everything.

That’s the full body if you were wondering what it looked like. I love hips, and i must say the hips/pelvis on this skin are drool worthy. Elly is soft and very young, she has cute freckles on her back (Which can’t be seen in the above image), the cleavage is very pretty but i’m keeping this post PG nipples anywhere! If you don’t want the natural look Mochi has made Enhancers, Dehancers, and even an add on for a male chest! The extra chest options do not come with the skin packs but are available on the wall right by them.

(Photo taken from Mochi’s flickr)

There’s 6 skintones to choose from in all: sugar, milk, honey, chai, maple, cocoa. I’m wearing milk, it’s perfect for a pale but tan look. Anyway, on to the many additions of Elly!

The skin comes with three main brow options that match most every hair available.

As you can see above there’s also freckle options, i didn’t get pictures of that since it’s kind of obvious that you can choose between freckles or no freckles.

Now, when it comes to the makeup selection available Mochi has made it so you get 2 (Yes TWO!) makeups in each pack and for 900L, with all the options you get that’s kind of amazing. I’ve made a contact sheet of all the makeups available but please know that each makeup comes in it’s own back with one other and if you’d like to see what makeups go together visit the store inworld!

My favorite Makeup has to be Rockabilly or Angelic, i love black eyeliner but at the same time i like simplicity when it comes to my makeup. There’s a makeup available for pretty much everyone. From Crazy & Wild, to Pure & Simple.

Fore a little extra…oomph? Mochi has made extra makeups on tattoo layers to give you the look that you really want. With each skin comes “cosmetics” and it’s a lot like real life lip styling. Lip balms, Glosses, Stains, Lipsticks..Mochi has really out done herself with how unique you can get with these looks.

[PF] Doll Gloss

[PF] Glam Lipstick

[PF] Juicy Gloss

[PF] Pop Lipstick

[PF] Sheer Balm

Instead of having teeth options for the actual skins, the teeth are available on all the lip cosmetics. I have to say, i love the Sheer Balm options and the Glam Lipstick.  The Noir style Glam Lipstick reminds me of Lady Gaga, which is always awesome to pull off. The Sheer Balm however it natural and adds a sweet girlishness to the skins already very girlishness

This is one of my favorite Skin releases and i’m so glad Mochi released them, they will be a favorite of mine forever! The skins, as stated up above, are 900L and so worth it for as much as you get in every pack. I would say it’s time to hit the TP button and get over to her store and start demoing the skins! Elly fits every shape and every face i’ve seen and it’s one of those skins that goes with anything and everything. Men: Watch out for her male skin coming soon!

Pink Fuel Mainstore

Everything else worn in post:

Hair – Elikatira

Bikini – Kyoot

Poses – Glitterati

Grixdale is the word

So, a week or so ago i posted about my new favorite store, Grixdale. Well, after finishing everything and me bothering her every waking hour of the day about her new releases…they’re out!

I wasn’t able to retrieve the pictures of the make ups, i think my computer likes chewing up random pictures and videos and then hiding them away to never be seen again.  If you’d like to see the make-ups visit this link for info on where they are and what they look like!

Now, onto the pictures my laptop left alone!

 Mr. soggy bottoms comes in 6 colors (Cyan and smog pictured above) and is made for kid avi’s but as you see, i think more adult’s are taking a liking to it than kids!

 The letters home dresses come in 8 colors in total and all come with 2 chest options, and pink frills underneath. I love these to death and i knew when Tyr released one for special promo that i’d be hooked! Haven’t taken these off yet!

 Last but not least are these kickass dancing panda pull overs called “The doll house” which comes in 5 colors and doesn’t need to be resized at all. I’m not sure about bigger avi’s or smaller avi’s but it fits like a glove!

These are wonderful releases and i look forward to seeing more, i think my inventory may hate me but love me for having all these pretty things.

Also! Tyr will be retiring the original emery line here pretty soon, with an emery 2 in the future later this summer. Singles currently are  75L and 400L for a fat pack. For more information about emery go here

I’d suggest heading over soon and getting it before it’s gone!


What is worn in this post

Hair – Elikatira

Skin – Body co

Skirt (in last pic) – Sweetest Goodbye

Poses – Glitterati

Everything else worn – Grixdale

Lookbook 022 ft. ColeMarie and Grixdale!

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It all started last night, Cole and i kind of jabber about everything and anything. I noticed Tyr had uploaded a new picture on Flickr of her newest creation.  Suddenly it was Cole’s mission to be there, get the dress, and to blog her heart out for Grixdale, and Tyr alike.

Lanie and Cole are wearing:

Hair – Elikatira, MMS (Now Lelutka)

Skin – Pink Fuel, Minajunk

Dress – Grixdale – Letters Home Dress (Full release Sunday!)

Cole’s ears – Gauze

Cole’s Armbands –  Sinistyle

Feet – SLink

Poses – {SMS}

And that my friends, is where i came in.  I basically told her we were going to blog and make Grixdale the coolest store to shop at.

Lanie And Cole are wearing –

Grixdale –  My Sunshine hoody

Grixdale – Simply Tanks – Plain

Grixdale – Lazy Denim Skirt


Grixdale – Super Low Rise Shabby Skirts

Grixdale – Simply Tanks – Striped

Grixdale – Miller’s Wife’s Vests

We ran through the store,  our fingers itchy to right club > buy everything! We settled on three looks finally but oh, how wonderful and beautiful everything was!

Lanie and Cole are wearing –

Grixdale – My vintage frock – Tyra jeans


Grixdale – Birds of A feather – Empire Blouse

Grixdale – Lazy Sunday – Denim – Bell (wider)

We stood there, hours later, and stared in amazement at the shopping that had just been done.  This store is wonderful, and Tyr has made clothing so wearable and user friendly that it’s hard not to want to wear the clothing everyday. Grixdale has become one of our favorite stores now, and with everything from jeans, tanks, and even’s such a wonderful store!

Take a TP over to Grixdale, you may just end up with a new wardrobe.