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Plastik Halluweeny

Aikea has out done herself this halloween! She picked a theme, which turned into webs (spider webs) and re did a lot of her older dresses and released a lot of newer outfits with it! This time though, she released a row of outfits at a time, until they were all out. The good thing about that? You’re not overhauled and are able to buy each day ;D

I absolutely adore Halloween and this just means i have more Halloweensey to wear ALL YEAR!

Don’t mind my cheesy Halloween backgrounds, i needed an excuse to use them ^_^

A few scarves available~

More awesomeness~

Get there soon though, i’m not sure how long it’ll all be available but i’m thinking they’ll be gone after halloween!


Also wearing –

Poses – Olive Juice

Hair –

Skin – Laq


Butterflies and Lanterns

I think winter is a working machine, it seems every day i wake up, check my flickr, and notice there’s more furniture out! Holy smokey man!

This release is half halloween, half normal…picture props!

The halloween Witch and candle lanterns, the witch goes around…but wait…clockwise or counter clock wise? ;D MAAGGICC

The butterfly chair comes with 10 female poses, you can change the color and if you’re shorter (like myself) it’s adjustable 🙂

With these also came a super cute snow day sled which i haven’t figured out how to blog since it’s too adorable to just stick on a colored background! i shall found an adorable sim and make everyone jealous of my cuteness 😉

{ What Next}

Midnight blossom

Grixdale (Tryanny) released a Halloween skin earlier this week, it comes with super creepy yet “cute” eyes and i think this is my favorite Halloween skin out right now.


Also worn:

Pose – Torridwear

Panties – Pig

Hair – Truth

Dia De Los Muertos

Pink fuel is part of the For the love of…halloween sim and has put out two of the bestestestestest skins for it!

The vampire is 100L and the Sugar skull is part of a hunt being held at the sim 🙂

Just find the gray leaves in front of her store

Here’s a hint: The leaves are by some skulls ;P

Take a peak at Pink fuel

Also wearing:

Panties – pig

Hair – Truth

Pose – Torridwear