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Sn@tch it up.

I’ve been a long time fan and customer of sn@tch,  i think my first outfit was from sn@tch (it was neko ears/tail, and a dress..i was one of THOSE noobs). Over the past 3 years i’ve seen Ivey become better and better and grow out. As a younger SLer, i looked forward to her sales and all of her events like her halloween hunt/quest every year, or her christmas and retiring sales. Sn@tch has stuck with me throughout my entire stay on SL and i’m a kid in a candy shop when it comes to being able to speak to her. in IM. IN IM. Guys, that’s like..hitting the jackpot for me.

I was over joyed to be able to blog for her and as a way of showing how most of her clothing can really pull a look together, or add to an awesome outfit i’ve put together 6 outfits using items from her newer releases.

My soundtrack for today: Datsik & Flux Pavillion – Game over

Outfit 1

Hair – Lelutka
Skin – Dernier Cri
Necklace – (NS)
Bag – Aura
Corset – SN@TCH
Dress – Kyoot
Shoes – Lelutka
Poses – *ES*

Outfit 2

Hair –
Skin – Aura
Lipgloss – Pink Fuel
Dimple Piercings – Hod
Feather Earring – Bellballs
Bodysuit – HolliPocket
Bra – W&B
Corset – Plastik
Belt – Blitzed
Bracelet – Hod
Pants – SN@TCH
Boots – Plastik
Poses – Marukin

Outfit 3

Horns – Titianas court
Ears/tail – Atomic
Hair – Lamb
Skin – Curio
Shirt – Atomic
Pants – SN@TCH
Shoes – Violent Seduction
Poses – Diesel Works

Outfit 4

Hair – Lelutka
Skin – Laq (Old christmas gift)
Guitar – u.f.o.
Shirt – SN@TCH
Highwaist corset ( Technically highwaist undies) – Gawk
Belt – MM’s
Skirt – Aura
Shoes – Lelutka
Poses – Ploom

Outfit 5

Hair – Exile
Skin – League
Collar – Sinistyle
Necklace – NS
Shrug – Grave (part of g206 Defence)
Underbust – Kyoot
Bra – Sweetest Goodbye (closed now?)
Shirt – SN@TCH
Belt – Hermony
Glove – Cheerno
Armwarmer – Maitreya
Skirt – insanya
Stockings – insanya (comes with above listed skirt)
Boots – Tonktastic
Poses – Ploom, Empersonate, illmatic

Outfit 6

Hair – (fd)
Skin – YS & YS
Scarf – (nsd)
Vest – Kiitos
Tank top – SN@TCH
Long Sleeve – Genre
Corset –
Belt – Blitzed
Pants – SN@TCH (Comes with tank top stated above)
Boots – Plastik
Poses – Glitterati

I hope you take the chance to visit sn@tch and create marvelous outfits, her clothing is something everyone needs!


   – L


Nightmare before Luck inc

I thought it’d be funny to name all my next posts after movies/books that go along with halloween! Cute huh? No? Okay…

Luck inc has some sexy new leather pants out at the mainstore, it comes in a total of 12 different patterns. One of the patterns being plain if you’d rather no patterns. The leather pants also come in digi leg and normal leg options. I like both but the digi leg is good for anyone who feels like wearing hooves and not going through the pain of editing everything to make them fit.

Hair – Ploom

Face paint – Truth

Necklace – Hod

Collar – (Will update when i can find it in my inventory again!)

Dress – Paper.Doll

Belt – Hermony

Feet – SLink

Skin – Pink fuel

Poses – porcupine love

Luck inc

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Let them eat pie

Exile put out a gacha a few days ago filled with scrumptious hairs

For only 30L You can win 1 of 8 hairs. They’re all copy, mod, no trans which means you can trade and switch with friends

Black forest, Caramel Fudge, Chocolate Vanilla, Cookies n cream

Peaches n cream, Red Velvet, Strawberry Shortcake, Tutti Frutti

My only think is i adore red hair and would’ve loved if one of the cake hairs was like Carrot cake and was lighter red and such :3

Go eat pie at Exile

what is lanie wearing?:

Shirt – Luck inc

Pose – Torridwear

Piercings – Hod

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This isn’t a playground for kids

Luck inc released tank tops as well as tied tops. The tied tops come in 28 different designs all together, there’s 12 different patterns and 16 different colors. Instead of posting all the different colors and patterns i thought i’d do a little look book type thing again. I find the tops sexy and i can wear them with anything, on top of anything, or under anything…etc…etc…I’d suggest picking up every color possible 🙂

Hop and skip away from Luck inc

What is lanie wearing?:

Hair – The GL

Tattoo – Atomic

Pants – Luck inc

Shoes – KBOOTS

Bracelet – Hod

Piercing – Hod

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Vintage girl

It’s truth thursday in my book ladies and gents!

What is lanie wearing?:

Hair – Truth (Look below)

Skin – Candydoll

Necklace – Hod

Undershirt – Pig

Jacket – Pig

High-waist skirt – Whippet and buck

Clutch – Orta

Shoes – Lelutka

Poses – Izumiya

This week has to be the cutest ever not to mention one of the hairs makes my avatar more of my real life twin than EVER!

Frankie, Penny, Tatiana all in swedish

Frankie is more modern and rocker, it has two hair bands (both of which change color) and comes in streaks…matter of fact all the hairs this week come in streaks

Penny is the one hair in second life that makes my avatar become more and more like the real life me than anything, it’s creepy but i can’t stop wearing’s so sweet and innocent looking. Comes in streaks !

Last but not least is Tatiana, it’s more vintaga old hair..the long hair with the curls…retro if you will! Comes in streaksssss!!!

Go over to Truth!

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Don’t make fun of me for loving this song, fall out boy is bad and my shit looks better than them but ya know…this song is good

Faun’s love Plastik

Yaaaay skins yaaaaaaaaay!

(Blog post is on the picture heavy side)

(Picture whoring)

Lanie is wearing:

Tattoo – Bare Rose (Part of Tiger tribe lady)

Boots – [NV]

Pants – Dernier cri (Part of zombie avi)

Belt – Hermony

Shirt – This is a fawn (Tinted and part of Leda dress bloody)

Necklace – Hod

Tongue – RC Cluster

Hat – Hat mechanic

All hair in this post – Magika,

All poses in this post – Olive Juice, Posture

Warpaint, Gameface

With the news about the winners for the best skins, hair, clothing, textures, and so on coming out one of my best friends Aikea Reiko was named Best new skin and best different skin (Don’t quote me on that, i’m not too sure which two awards she won). She’s released a 99L dress, and 2 skins (Gameface and warpaint). I’m only wearing the freckled versions in skintone myth but it comes in all other skinetone’s with bare and freckle versions!

With that being said let me show you my addiction to emoter huds…

The newest release from L.fauna is the lola line..It comes in 6 tones, and with every skintone you get cleavage options, and freckle options sooo you get the best of 3..? worlds!  AND if you’re on 2.0 you might want to take a look at the 2.0 freckles that come with them.  With all skins she includes a notecard with tinted eyebrows and tinted lips. It’s like a fatpack but not!

With the release she’s also brought out some cute 2.0 layers to add to the cute/dorky side of the skins

Braces, Gap tooth

And of course, she also put some ADORKABLE beauty marks on the alpha layers…i tried to circle the not so apparent ones but yeah i fail!

Bayonetta, Brow, Crawford, megane, monroe

I’m only wearing 3 of the makeups available from the lola line.

The sad face is due to the fact i spent forever trying to load these fudgers! Between all the crashing and not loading on 2.0 after this i ended up uninstalling emerald beta and 2.0 and going back to the old version lmfao

These are the 2.0 layered freckles if it isn’t that obvious


L.fauna is one of the few who still hand paint their skins. Pink fuel, plastik, L.fauna…There’s not many who do it on their own anymore and i think that’s what makes them so unique in their own way. Most skins look the same and use the same base or reference pictures and sooner or later we’ll all look alike. I’m glad there’s still a few places on SL that make their own skins and individualize them.

Check out L.fauna, And plastik!

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My sex slave/mother/daughter/sister/lesbian lover/best friend has started creating her couture line again.

It will be named Soleil and will be out sometime next month, her first release will be 10 dress and each one i’ve seen so far is more than beautiful

From left to right: (Cole)Little Miss sunshine, (Lanie)Paper Crane, (Martha)Fine my way

L – R: (Martha)Beezy, (Cole) Little Miss Sunshine, (Lanie) La Fleur Triste

I’m more than excited for her store to open, i know she’ll do more than wonderful!

Keep watching for new dresses from miss cole ❤

Also Worn


Skin – DNA
Hair – Buried
Ears – Gauged
Shoes – League
Necklace – Hod


Hair – Armidi
Ears – Plastik
Skin –  SelfMade
Shoes – Bax


Hair – Magika
Skin – Laq
Shoes – Periquita

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