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lookbook 040

Currently listening to: The shins – Caring is Creepy

Not a lot to say today, have a good weekend! ūüôā

What lanie’s wearing:

Hair –¬†=DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Marley” Red 1

Hair Rose – Illusions¬†*~*”Varda” Rose Hair Clip

Hair pins –¬†Primus Wild Hairpins ¬†(black)

Skin –¬†*League* Jen Pale Feline

Necklace –¬†)<SF>( ¬†Primus Wild Dagger Necklace (black)

Shirt Р(part of) ** Via Dress Striped Black

Jacket –¬†rbcg.ilovemyboyfriend blazer

Fur –¬†SAIKIN fur wrap ash RIGGED MESH

Corset –¬†[Aura] Grimm Corset – MESH – Black

Belt –¬†**~MM’s~* [Wide]-Free-BlackMeshBelt-Silver

Skirt (But really it’s a dress) –¬†Chain and Vine MeshGownONYX

Poses – [LAP]

The corset i’m wearing is band spurkin new from [Aura] (Designer is Tyr Rozenblum), it’s a release for the “Fairy tales 2012” event that brings together a whole lotta talent from a whole lotta creators. Because i don’t want to be TOO spammy, ill just show you a few of the colors available (besides black)


Royal, Bean, Dawn, Doll, Muse


Poppy, Spook, Dusk, Grass Twilight

Fairy tales 2012




Lookbook 037

Currently listening to: Tainted Love – Soft Cell

Tainted love oh oh, now i know that i’ve got to run away. I’ve got to get awayyyyy

What lanie’s wearing:

Hair –¬†[e] Breeze – Red 05

Skin –¬†*League* Jen Pale PinkChampagne

Hairpin –¬†Primus Wild Hairpin 4.5 (black)

Necklace 1 – Illusions *~*Cord Necklace: Small/Copy

Necklace 2 –¬†[Armidi Gisaci] Pearl Egg Necklace – Silver

Necklace 3 – Primus – Wild Dagger 4.0 (black)

Long Sleeve –¬†JANE – sheer layers.bk charcoal [full] &¬†JANE – sheer layers.bk raven [full]

Corset – Plastik –¬†¬†Daunting Fate://Laced

Skirt –¬†Chain and Vine – Long Leather – Brown

Bow&arrow (on back) –¬†Centipede Bow – *Exception*

Feet – SLink –¬†Slink Mesh Feet (Rigged)

Poses – Marukin



Lookbook 036

Currently listening to: No Church in the wild – Kanye West ft. Jay-Z

I dislike Kanye West very much, he’s just a butthole to everyone, but this song is really good. I’ve been listening to it for most of this morning and i think it’s one of his best songs. ¬†Music is funny that way, someone you dislike can create one of your favorite songs and someone you¬†absolutely¬†adore can create some of the worse songs you’ve ever heard. ¬†On to the look!

This dress is sexy and can be worn with pretty much ANYTHING. For another outfit and look at  my favorite person and her blog go here

What lanie’s wearing:

Hair –¬†>TRUTH< Tashia w/Roots – marmalade

Skin –¬†*League* Jen Pale Olive (Cleavage C)

Necklace – Illusions *~*Cord Necklace: Small/Copy

Dress –¬†Chain and Vine – Belle 1 ONYX

Gloves –¬†[][]Trap[][] Fuzz Gloves Plain Black

Belted Corset –¬†~*RunoRuno*~ UNDress Evening Black

Pink Corset –¬†[LeL.Ultra]-CONSTRICTED/romantic_corset (Part of¬†[LeL.Ultra]-CONSTRICTED/romantic from Lelutka Ultra. Not sure if available anymore?)

Poses – Marukin



Lookbook 035

Currently listening to: Hypocritical Kiss – Jack White

I promised i’d post more and i am! First of all, if you haven’t downloaded or at least listened to Jack white’s newest album, you need to. Urgently. I adore Jack white and his newest album is just, flawless. Now, i adore summer but i can’t keep myself from wanting to do cozy winter based look books. Summer is exciting and fresh and hot, but winter is cozy and warm and adorable. I like adorable. Don’t judge.

What lanie’s wearing:

Hair –¬†[e] Return – Red 05

Skin –¬†*League* Skin Jen Pale -Set B –¬†*League* Jen Pale Olive (Cleavage C)

Necklace 1 –¬†¬†*~*Illusions*~* –¬†*~*Cord Necklace: Small/Copy


Necklace 3 –¬†[W&B] Repairs Necklace SILVER – AMBER

Guitar –¬†::{u.f.o}::accoustic collabo -hoola – bag

Shirt –¬†-[AddiCt]-LUCILLE Sweater Dress/Sungold

Coin Purse –¬†+9 knit bear coin purse

Skirt –¬†::{u.f.o}::cocoon bells – always lace

Socks 1 –¬†*League* Thermal Stockings Black -Brown Garter Silver

Socks 2 -*League* Thermal Long Socks Frayed Brown

Boots –¬†[N] moccasins – calf high 3 layer fringe – brown

Poses – (Marukin)

Lookbook 034

Currently listening to: The mighty mighty bosstones – Disappearing

Lanie is wearing:

Hair – Damselfly

Skin – Pink Fuel

Lipstick – Curio

Necklace – Illusions

Scarf – Royal Blue

Bra – T.whore

Dress – T.whore

Belt – MM’s

Bag – Mocha

Socks – League

Boots – Kboots

Poses – Kuso, Marukin

It’s been a long break since i last posted here, real life has always been much more important than second life and that couldn’t be more truer than the last few weeks. While i do slack and sometimes i just so lazy that i’d rather eat and watch a movie than be motivated to indulge you in fashion (Not sure if i’m joking with myself on that one or i’m being serious..huurrderp)

I’m always going to be busy but sometimes ill be busy with real life things and other times i’ll be able to dive into sl and busy myself with blogging and exploring!

Lookbook 033

Currently listening to: What Wind-Walks up above! – Jacaszek

What lanie is wearing:

Hair – Truth

Skin – Pink Fuel ( With love again hunt!)

Necklace 1 – Illusions

Necklace 2 – Armidi Gisaci

Shirt – Mon Tissu

Leggings – Kyoot

Socks – Doppelganger

Boots – [N]aughty

Poses – Glitterati

Naughty & Nice versions of the hunt skin

lookbook 029

It’s been too long since i blogged, i haven’t forgotten i promise! I love all my daily viewers and i wish i would have updated, i’ve started back to college and i’ve been uber busy with RL work! I haven’t and will never get rid of this blog or desert it.

I’ll be blogging about skins, mesh, and new stores (at least new to me!) For now though have a look book and a joyful hurrah for me being semi-back!

Currently Listening To: Aerosmith – Walk This Way

Hair – Lelutka

Skin – LAQ

Lip stick – Pink Fuel

Glasses – Mon Tissu

Cigarette – Primitive Design

Necklace – Illusions

Shirt – Gawk!

Nails –¬†La Malvada Mujer

Skirt – Plastik

Belt – Blitzed

Socks – WWI

Shoes – Slink (MESH!)

Poses – *ES*