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Lookbook 024

I think my favorite obsession is Pandas. Pandas, and anything cute really.

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Hair – Elikatira

Skin – Pink Fuel (New!)

Shirt – Ronsem

Pants – Coco

Panties – Intimizzio

Shoes – Maitreya

Poses – {SMS}


Bees love Plastic Flowers

Crystalin Clayton, the owner of Plastic Flowers, recently sent me three of her gorgeous shapes. Crystalin makes shapes as well as piercings, and (just starting) poses.

She’s made plenty of shapes and i’m only going to be showing three of them, but it’s totally worth it go and check out all the others. They’ve been made very well and there’s a shape for every taste and want out there!




Clothing worn in all pictures

Hair – Vive9 (1st pic), Lamb (2nd pic), (3rd pic)

Underwear – Intimizzio

Skin – Al vulo (1st), Dernier Cri (2nd), Pink Fuel (3rd)

Poses – Glitterati

I adore how all her shapes match most every skin you put on them, as well as the fact she has no mod and mod buy options.

Plastic Flowers!

Tuli; Claire

I started my own tumblr so i’ve been more than amused by that the past few days, excuse me for being slow!

(pics are a little less smooth due to not being on normal computer)

(Wearing L.fauna freckles tan)

Tuli released 5 new(er) skins and out of all of them Claire is by far my favorite. It’s soft but looks mature at the same time, it’s why i haven’t taken it off for oh..3 days?

What i love the most about the skins is that they come with tattoo layers for almost EVERYTHING.

The normal breast is what all the skins have, subtle and boost are the tattoo layers for the breasts. I can’t say i’ll ever wear boost because i’m not so much about the extra boosted look since my breasts are already big 😛

Despite me never taking off my L.fauna Tattoo layer freckles, i LOVE these.  They’re not body freckles but they come in Light and dark and can be used with every skin out there ❤

Lashes also come on tattoo layers too! Black, Blue, Brown are the colors you can choose from

And a selection of lip colors!

All in all each purchase of any of the skins come with 6 skins in all, Bare + 5 makeups. They come with two tattoo layer breast options, 3   colored lashes on tattoo layers, and 12 lip colors on tattoo layers. All skins come with light/dark freckles on tattoo layers too! And if that isn’t enough, each skin comes with the shape in the ad mod/copy so you can tweak it as much as you like.



Hair – Lamb (not available)

Lingerie – Intimizzio

Poses – Dismorph

Dreamwalking in Luck Inc

What is Lanie wearing?

Panties – Intimizzio

Tank – Luck inc

Skin – Laq

Freckles – L.Fauna

Pose –  Free*Style

Luck inc Sheer tanks

Luck inc tanks

There’s a total of 13 colors with each option, it’s the newest release from Luck inc, and i adooooooooooore these tank tops! There’s sheer and solid options and they just kind of go with everything. With these tank tops being released there was one other release which i’ll be posting a little later today but for now i suggest going “SQUEEEEEEEEE!!” and getting these NOW!

Check out Luck inc!

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