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Lookbook 034

Currently listening to: The mighty mighty bosstones – Disappearing

Lanie is wearing:

Hair – Damselfly

Skin – Pink Fuel

Lipstick – Curio

Necklace – Illusions

Scarf – Royal Blue

Bra – T.whore

Dress – T.whore

Belt – MM’s

Bag – Mocha

Socks – League

Boots – Kboots

Poses – Kuso, Marukin

It’s been a long break since i last posted here, real life has always been much more important than second life and that couldn’t be more truer than the last few weeks. While i do slack and sometimes i just so lazy that i’d rather eat and watch a movie than be motivated to indulge you in fashion (Not sure if i’m joking with myself on that one or i’m being serious..huurrderp)

I’m always going to be busy but sometimes ill be busy with real life things and other times i’ll be able to dive into sl and busy myself with blogging and exploring!


Pumpkin gachas!

“October 23rd-31st on the Hide and Seek Sim

‘Tis the season for Halloween, and that means trick-or-treating! We wanted to kick off the festivities here with a special gatcha event for you. All you have to do is travel around the sim to the participating stores, and look for the cute trick-or-treat gatcha vendor in the ad. We promise lots of fun items and all  for cheap cheap cheap :D. So have a blast, bring your friends, and don’t forget to explore a little. The sim is decorated for fall and there are plenty of photo ops all over.

Happy Halloween!”

The cauldron and pink polka dot pumpkin are rare! There’s 9 other pumpkins ranging from neon pink (Far right) to stripey pumpkins (in the middle)

Hide and seek sim

Poses – All from my kuso ao

Shorts – League