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[ Y ] Style

Currently listening to: The Beatles – Penny Lane

Lanie is wearing:

Hair – Lamb

Earrings – [ Y ] Style

Skin – Pink Fuel

Necklace – [ Y ] Style

Jacket – LMK

Undershirt – Surf co

Skirt – Grixdale

Shoes –

Poses – {SMS}

The necklace and earrings i’m wearing are from [ Y ] Style (As stated above) and i think they’re one of the prettiest sets i own, but that’s not saying how adorable they are because i don’t own a lot of jewelry/girly accessories for Lanie.

I think it’d to everyone good to take a trip to [ Y ] Style and pick up a few items. They have everything for Men and Women alike . Since i’m a girl i won’t be blogging anything male related but check out the flickr group for more of an idea of what they carry!

[ Y ] Style


Day two of -LaViere-

I can’t stop with this cute thing, i’m starting to grow attached to yellows and pinks.

Lanie is wearing;

Headband – Elate!

Hair – Elikatira

Skin – Pink Fuel

Jacket – LMK

Dress – -LaViere-

Shoes – UBU

Poses – Glitterati

Currently Listening to: CocoRosie vs. Outkast


1.6.11/Lookbook 002.

I kind of like this whole…Lookbook thing, it’s fun to know that people like getting fashion advice from me…out of anyone else there…you guys like MY fashion? ❤ im honored haha!

The deets;

Hair – Truth

Collar – BOOM

Jacket – LMK

Tank –

Skirt – SMS

Skin – Curio

Feet – SLink

Poses – Croire

The hair i’m wearing is new from Truth, it came out this past Thursday and it’s all so adorable ❤

All in blood

All hair this week comes in streaks and multi position options. My favorite has to be a split between pepper and tatum because they both have cute little hair accessorizes. Pepper has a hairband that comes with a flower but i made it invisible because i didnt feel like having a billion flowers all over me.


Listening to; Bjork – Earth intruders (Lexx remix)

Ha! Studded

Ha! released adorable new studded collars which come in “bright” and “dark”

For each pack there’s 8 colors to choose from and they’re are adorable. I haven’t been able to take the “bright” Black collar off and the “bright” white off.

Everyone needs a little spikey goodness ;D


Hair – Lamb, Truth

Skin – Curio

Ears – -V-, Plastik

Clothes – LMK, Luck inc, Plastik

Poses –, Pda (i think)


*BOOM* Fall Courds

For Halloween Aranel put out super cute fall courds and since then she’s released the whole line of colors and i must admit..i can’t stop wearing them.

There’s 12 colors in all and each color comes with a flared and skinny option. Each option also has a smaller and bigger option for larger or smaller legs, it’s a very good thing and i’m glad she did that since some of us have bigger legs than others and some have thinner longer legs!

These are some of the cutest bermuda shorts i’ve seen come out in a while and i’m one of the guiltiest for wanting to wear these 24/7.


Also wearing;

Hair – Lamb

Jacket – LMK (HEAVILY Modded)

Shirt – Kyoot

Belt – Blitzed

Poses – Isobeya

Truth makes me wanna…

It’s that time of the week again! NEWWWWW HAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIRRRRR!

I had a spazz attack when i saw them this week, too cute to not be in love dude

Josephine, Roxana, Tabatha all in copper

Josephine is a simple long loose braid, it hangs in the back and the front is super cute, i adore the side bang/curls

Roxana is my favorite this week, it comes in streaks and no streaks and i happen to adore the streaks, especially in blond like in the picture. The frilly curlyness makes me happy in the pants

Tabatha is also the sweetness, it comes with a hair band which i’ve made invisible but you’re able to change the color. It’s a side swept pony tail with big fluffy bangs

I’d suggest going to truth now and getting it. Now.

Go to truth (now!)

Also worn:

Jacket – LMK

Necklace – Whippet and buck

Skin – Pink fuel

Currently Listening to:  Dave Matthews Band – Funny the way it is