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LookBook 043

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This look is what i like to call “Lazy Trend-setter”

–File under:  C://Lanie:LazyIn/Real_Life

Ignore the glitch in the shirt, mesh hair does that. Also, ignore strings not rezzing. Thanks.

Lanie’s Wearing:

Hair – Magika [01] Tendency

Skin – [PF] Kumi <Vanilla> – Defined (ugh..<3333)

Shirt – -tb- Half Tucked Tee – Brown

Skirt – *OAL* Billow ~ Coal





I need to come up with some better titles, they’re slowly getting old!

Cinta, Kyo

I don’t know how many ways and how many times i have to bow down to sabina for mouth pieces. It’s such an odd thing to want and yearn for more on second life but considering in real life all i do is either bite my nails or have a piece of hair in my mouth…it’s taking a normal habbit for me and putting it on to second life.

Bad habits are bad, but’s so cute /whine!

Like all releases Cinta and Kyo come in mirrored versions, normal version, and all packs come with mouth pieces

Enjoy Magika!

Magik quickie

Magika has released new hair which is absolutely ADORABLE!

This time it comes with no mouth..chewing options but both come with a 2nd color and hair band changeable colors!

This is kind of a quickie because i have a LOT of homework and studying to do for many finals tomorrow but have fun and check out Magika

Layne (In red pack) , Josie (In blond pack)

Magika :3!

Wearing –

Skin – Pink fuel

Poses – Glitterati

Shirt – Atomic

Magika is Magikal

Today Magika released 6 of the cutest hairs i’ve seen, and one of them is free!

All new hairs come in 5 color packs. Blonde, Brown, Red, B&W, Color. Each color pack costs 199L, each fatpack costs 499L. Each hairstyle comes with a feature card, where it explains exactly what features that particular hairstyle comes with, you can find each feature card in the folder with the hair otherwise this is displayed on the vendor.

Quote from release note

“- New store design!
– 6 new hairstyles
– Completely new hair textures
– Each color pack come with 8 colors instead of the previous 7
– All new hairstyles come in both mirrored and regular version
– All new hairstyles come with streak options
– Most new hairstyle come with the hair-in-mouth (on/off) option
– More flexi”

All the features that were quoted above now come in a handy dandy hud, It’s a lot less laggier and instead of bulking up your inventory with 200+ hairs in each fat pack and 8 in each color, you can easily access the hud to change the color, change the textures of the hair badns (if any) and switch on the mouth piece.

These features are only in the new releases and will stay in the new releases unless told otherwise, all older hairs are now in a different room and are marked down lower than the normal price

Aina in Blond

Cody in red

Mayra in brown

Pixie in colored

Rome in B&W

Delora in blond

Delora is the freebie hair, it comes in the fatpack and is available to the subscribo but don’t worry, once it’s out of the subscribo it’ll be a freebie in store for everyone to get 🙂

Crab walk over to magika

What is lanie wearin?:

Skins – Belleza, Pink fuel

Poses – Izumiya

Plastik is going on a road trip

Kea is going on a road trip and to save up some money for gas she’s decided to remake a shit ton of her clothing and set them up for a little limited edition type thing. All of the money is going to gas for her road trip and in return you get limited edition patterns of many of her most popular pieces. There’s 79 outfits in total including 2 pairs of heels and 2 pairs of cute flats!

These are only a few pieces of the huuuuge list of remakes. I found it more than adorable that with every set, she named it after a place she hopes to see while on the road trip. I highly advise going and getting all of this while it’s still up. She goes on the road on September 5th or 6th and there’s a chance that they’ll be out for a few days after that!! Odds are, you better hurry!

With the 79 outfits put out she also put out two skins for the limited edition type thing too, and since i couldn’t get pictures of em how about the originals from kea! The skins come in all 6 lionheart tones with 2 skin options included.

The sun in my eyes

Runny makeup and public restrooms

Other items lanie wore:

Skin – Mynerva

Hair – Magika

Poses – Glitterati

Getcho ass to Plastik!

Faun’s love Plastik

Yaaaay skins yaaaaaaaaay!

(Blog post is on the picture heavy side)

(Picture whoring)

Lanie is wearing:

Tattoo – Bare Rose (Part of Tiger tribe lady)

Boots – [NV]

Pants – Dernier cri (Part of zombie avi)

Belt – Hermony

Shirt – This is a fawn (Tinted and part of Leda dress bloody)

Necklace – Hod

Tongue – RC Cluster

Hat – Hat mechanic

All hair in this post – Magika,

All poses in this post – Olive Juice, Posture

Warpaint, Gameface

With the news about the winners for the best skins, hair, clothing, textures, and so on coming out one of my best friends Aikea Reiko was named Best new skin and best different skin (Don’t quote me on that, i’m not too sure which two awards she won). She’s released a 99L dress, and 2 skins (Gameface and warpaint). I’m only wearing the freckled versions in skintone myth but it comes in all other skinetone’s with bare and freckle versions!

With that being said let me show you my addiction to emoter huds…

The newest release from L.fauna is the lola line..It comes in 6 tones, and with every skintone you get cleavage options, and freckle options sooo you get the best of 3..? worlds!  AND if you’re on 2.0 you might want to take a look at the 2.0 freckles that come with them.  With all skins she includes a notecard with tinted eyebrows and tinted lips. It’s like a fatpack but not!

With the release she’s also brought out some cute 2.0 layers to add to the cute/dorky side of the skins

Braces, Gap tooth

And of course, she also put some ADORKABLE beauty marks on the alpha layers…i tried to circle the not so apparent ones but yeah i fail!

Bayonetta, Brow, Crawford, megane, monroe

I’m only wearing 3 of the makeups available from the lola line.

The sad face is due to the fact i spent forever trying to load these fudgers! Between all the crashing and not loading on 2.0 after this i ended up uninstalling emerald beta and 2.0 and going back to the old version lmfao

These are the 2.0 layered freckles if it isn’t that obvious


L.fauna is one of the few who still hand paint their skins. Pink fuel, plastik, L.fauna…There’s not many who do it on their own anymore and i think that’s what makes them so unique in their own way. Most skins look the same and use the same base or reference pictures and sooner or later we’ll all look alike. I’m glad there’s still a few places on SL that make their own skins and individualize them.

Check out L.fauna, And plastik!

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My sweet addiction

In only a few days The Summer Of Love fair will start and many  previews have been going around.

The sweet Noena Merlin dropped me her dresses that will be on sale at the summer of love fair.

Her dresses, in my opinion, have a classic womanly..? feel to them. They’re simple but very pretty.

(Fluer Gentille Green, Pink) (Tropical touch Blue, green)

The Fluer Gentille comes with very adorable gloves which i’m not wearing in the picture but match the lower lacing. Fluer Gentille in green i think is my favorite. The roses and flowers make it look girly but the fact the skirt has a big of a puffy bump reminds me of the classical era. Big puffy feather hats, necks adorned with the best jewelry, and the women hiding most of their body (Minus the breasts…never under that)

Tropical Touch reminds me of avatar, awkwardly. It’s very beachy and summery (Which this fair IS for summer :P) i adore wearing it and i love that the side of the leg is kind of open and cute 🙂

Check out SweetAntidote

Also Worn:

Hair – Magika

Skin – Pink Fuel

Pose – Porcupine Love

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