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Nayar drank the Pink Fuel

Kaz has released his newest creation, shorts. I always find myself loving shorts more and more as time goes on and it’s nice to see a good pair of shorts that are different color and short and cute and pretty and versatile and all that other junk~

I’m only showing 3 of the 13 colors, one of the colors (Lilac) is an exclusive to the shorts, which i might add makes them cuter. I’m not saying that just for the fact purple is my favorite color.

The shorts come in colors ranging from Lilac, Gray, Khaki, pink, you name it. There’s white and red and many dark and lights included too! Kaz has brought a lot of summery and springy crafts and i love it! Bikinis, Shorts, Tank tops, it’s all so summery and loveable!!

The skin being worn is a brand new skin from Pink Fuel which was released earlier today

Hey it’s a smiley face! Hur hur hur

HoneyB, Gossip, Scene, Mod

Sorry, the eyes are all like kerpow fugly attack.

Like the Nayar shorts, the pink fuel skins come in 13 different make ups, i’m only showing 4 due to the fact i hate long blogs.

With every pack a chest enhancer comes with them, you can’t mix them thought because they blend in with the skin you got with them. I’ve always loved Pink fuel, and i can’t wait for Mochi to come back and do the two other skins. Mochi is currently packing because tomorrow she’s leaving for Vietnam!

As she says on her flickr picture

“I will be mia from SL for 2 weeks. Will be gone from June 17th – July 3rd.

Heading to Vietnam as a volunteer for Vietnam Health Clinic. We’ve been planning and fundraising for this trip since the beginning of the year. This is my first year going. I’m excited!

“Vietnam Health Clinic (VHC) is a student-led, non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care services and access to the underserved population of Vietnam. The foundation of our organization’s mission is based upon the belief of equal opportunity healthcare for all. In addition to providing high-quality health care to the impoverished and underserved, we aim to provide real-life experience to our student volunteers who are interested in various social work and health care professions. This project will give the volunteers opportunities to shadow healthcare professionals to learn the process of rural medicine and the basic healthcare system: from triage, to diagnosis, to treatment, and pharmacy consultation. In the process of fulfilling our goal, we hope to collaborate with local medical students and doctors in a joint effort to minimize health disparities in Vietnam.”

We are setting up 2 free health clinics in Hue and Soc Trang. Coming with us are doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and physician assistants.

Video about VHC

I really look up to her for wanting to help and contribute to helping those that aren’t able to help themselves. She’s a good person and i can’t wait to hear all about her trip to Vietnam and what happened 🙂

Check Out Nayar! And Pink Fuel when you get a chance 🙂

Other Items Worn:

Hair 1# – Lamb
Hair 2# – Truth
Cami –
Shoes – Friday
Poses – Glitterati, Fine, Leafy

Currently Listening to:  Cragga – Mr Postman


!Nayar Tube Tops!

!Nayar released really cute tube tops, in addition to super cute tank tops. I happen to like the tube tops though considering i have a thing for longer tops (Not to mention they’re much easier to pair with other items :])

The Tubes come in 8 different “colors” taking into consideration they’re all different designs too. The only iffy thing is the seams which you can’t see in the picture but they don’t line up “perfectly” which is okay because most textures will not line up that perfect.

Check Out !Nayar

I seriously look forward to blogging more of his stuff, the designs and colors are adorable and i’d love to just…wear them everywhere ❤

Other Items Worn:

Hair – Lamb – Cherry

Pants – Emery – Denim Orchid Club #5

Shoes – [PM] – Baby T Plain

Skin – Belleza – Elle (Group Gift)

Poses: (In no order)

Olive Juice – Lolli Dolly We like to party

Olive Juice – Easy Breezy

{AT} – Innocent Bones

@Waffles – The City

Olive Juice – Sequin Tights

Olive Juice – I’m serious

Kaz Puts the yummy in cupcake

I’m finally getting my ass up and not being lazy!

A few days ago a certain someone, Kaz Nayar, dropped me a blogger pack of one of his newest designs! Panties! I can not tell you how much i love panties, not to mention ones with superb texturing and cute designs! His store is called Nayar

From Left to right:

Yummy Pack – Cupcake

Wild Pack – Zebra

Spring Time Pack – Polka Party

Rocker Babe Pack – Stars

Pastels Pack – Pink

Good Times Pack – ❤

Basics Pack – Red

These are only 1 of the 3 pairs that come in the packs, they come in both underpants, and pants layers! Each pair is identified by its pack.  They come in packs of 3 pair with a common theme. There’s also two dollarbies at his store so go check him out!!

TP to Nayar!