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Chantelle | Madeline | Nina (All in fire)

I think i’ve decided, because of Truth’s newest and brightest red, to stay a red head on second life. I’ve always switched between Brown, Blond, and Red, dabbled a bit in whites and blacks, tried a few colors here and there..but i adore red. Especially bright and fire truckish red colors like Fire~

With the 3 female hair releases came another mens hair, again, i don’t have a male avi’ll just have to go over to Truth and demo it.

I think truth is trying to give out christmas early too, with the releases came another set of new hair colors

Each color is now a new color to go with the normal packs

Oasis – light blondes

Beach – blondes

Macaroon – dark blondes

Carob – light browns

Clove – browns

Sandlewood – dark browns

Marmalade – gingers

Quince – reds

Raven & Pearl – black & whites

I might stick to the reds, but for now..

Stop on by Truth

The skin i’m wearing is also 50L for ALL skin tones including freckle, clevage, light brow, and dark brow options..ONLY for today @ EXODI



I need to come up with some better titles, they’re slowly getting old!

Cinta, Kyo

I don’t know how many ways and how many times i have to bow down to sabina for mouth pieces. It’s such an odd thing to want and yearn for more on second life but considering in real life all i do is either bite my nails or have a piece of hair in my mouth…it’s taking a normal habbit for me and putting it on to second life.

Bad habits are bad, but’s so cute /whine!

Like all releases Cinta and Kyo come in mirrored versions, normal version, and all packs come with mouth pieces

Enjoy Magika!

This is halloween

{ What Next } Is one of my favorite stores to get furniture and decorative items in second life, since it’s october it’s only right to be setting out much more halloween themed furniture and sets and pretty clothes and skins and sho-…wait what…


Pumpkin man

Witchtastic cauldrons!

Mmmm glowey

I have a taste for pumpkins and glitter

Raven’s…funny you mention them ๐Ÿ˜‰

It took me a minute to realize they were Bats, Cats, and pumpkins. I thought they were ninjas

My little set up with pun’kins and moons


What next is kinda cool and shit

Bed – Soap

Skybox – Zacca

Currently Listening To: Marilyn Manson – This is halloween

Just a truth quickie

I’ve been very busy this week with call for couture so i’m gonna do a sweet and short post for Truth โค

Annika, Blake, Leighton (In night)

All hairs this week come with streak options, Leighton comes in 2 versions, and Annika comes with extra parts if you want shorter, longer, or just normal. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have fun! Truth LM

Lanie wearing:

Pose – Posture

Skin – Laq


Tyranny, in a few weeks/months, will becoming Grixdale. All her stuff will be the same, but a lot of older items will be going away (Or already have) and she’ll be rebranding.

Ploom Zen Hair and mouth feathers

The ploom zen pieces are out now for 99L a piece, they come in separate colors, get them all! Only available for Stumblebum!

Song Bird Re-duex

Available for Themeory, 5 colors in all for 75L (I think? haha)

Tyranny/ Grixdale is the bomb diggity yo

Whats lanie wearing:

Hair – Lamb

Undershirt – Atomic

Over shirt – Atomic

Pose – Unknown?

Currently Listening To: Cocorosie – Lemonade

Into the woods

Did you know if you mouth Olive juice is looks like you’re saying I love you? <33

With the season hunt being pulled to the last few days (It ends the 9th?) Olive juice set out another autumn-ish themed release.

The chair is 11 prims but comes with a 7 prim chair that has no bird or prim leaf. The leafs and shadow are all on one prim by themselves.

The chair comes with six adorable sits and it’s totally worth setting up a million all over my house

It’s available for 50L for ONLY today! Go get it!

Olive juice โค

Currently Listening to: Mirah – Cole cold water

Truth is on my mind

Yesterday was Thursday. You know what that means? New hair at Truth!!!!

Allegra | Estelle | Tara | (All in Snow)

Allegra is a sweetie pie honey bunches braided twirly curly cutie cake hair, comes in streak option too

Estelle is whispy and curly and long, comes in different attachment points and streak options.

Tara is an up doish kinda girl, long and flowey and comes with a normal (no hairband) or hair band option. Comes with streak options ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, there ya have it my lovely little birdies! (I promise i’m not high today)

Skid on over to Truth

Other items worn:

Skin – Pink fuel

Pose – Posture.

Currently Listening To:ย  Shallow Grave – The Birthday Massacre