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You’ve been Blacklisted

A friend of mine, Gauge, handed me over this uber hilarious/cute shirt early this morning and i can’t stop laughing! I may laugh at everything but i find it epic win

Ever heard of Icp? Insane clown posse?  or some shit like that…. Saturday night live did a parody of their newest song “Miracles”, I hate icp but the parody is fucking epic win. Gauge took that and turned it into a shirt 🙂

And for this weekend only (i think) it’s 75L, a great deal for one of the coolest shirts i’ve seen

Check out +Blacklisted+

Other items worn

Skin – LAQ

Hair – Truth

Shorts – Tres blah

Pose – Porcupine love (Both poses are part of a fatpack that’s only 50L today!)

Currently listening to: Vaski – Zombie Apocalypse


Truth is hot like mexico

Truth has released new hair (And always has every thursday :P)

I’ve been on a blue kick today so please don’t kick my butt for wearing a shit load of blue in this post…

My favorite this week is called “Bethany” it’s curly and tied and super pretty, Tilly and Carli bring out the rocker in me though…

(Bethany, Carli)

(Tilly w/o streaks, w/ streaks)

Bethany is pretty self explanatory, Very laid back, tied and hair clipped, she’s my favorite.

Carli is very rocker chic, the hair band (with spikes) is retextured meaning you can change the color of the hair band

Visit Truth!!

Ears – Aitui

Skin – Pink Fuel

Dress – Scribble

Pose – *luth*

Currently Listening To – Lady GaGa – Alejandro

Hello, My name is Forrest Gump

I’ve made many blogs before and they always fail tragically,  wanna know why? My real life likes to take over. This isn’t an excuse and this isn’t a way to make you leave. By all means, please stay and explore my world. It’s filled with sarcasm and a dry sense of humor, but mainly it’s filled with hopes, laughter, and a small chance of tears now and then.

My name is Lanie Windlow, but please don’t hesitate to pull a nickname for me. I’m a dreamer, by far the worse.

This blog is going to be my adventures in a place called Secondlife, it’s going to be rants about my real life, and funny encounters with people all around the world.

This is where i leave you with a few minutes of pure love in music form. Goodnight World