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Lookbook 038

Currently listening to: Baltimore’s Fireflies – Woodkid

I tend to use [.zf.] as a journal sometimes, because sometimes i don’t think anyone reads this blog and it gives me a chance to say things i can’t say to another living person. It’s like my way of being a kid again, writing  down little secrets and think out my stress at times. I’m a nutso in real life, i have clinical depression and there’s times when i have bouts of horrid feelings for anything that moves. It’s my motto on those days “The world hates me, might as well hate the world”, so in any case, today has been one of those days and it doesn’t help that i’m not a morning person. At all. There is just many times where i feel like i have to force myself to do the littest thing like moping around or turning on the tv. Music helps and that’s why i believe i’m ALWAYS listening to music, even when the tv is on, the radio is on, and at the same time my ipod is on. It’s my bubble of safety.  This is probably boring anyone reading this right now, have a lookbook.

What lanie’s wearing:

Hair – [BURLEY]_Hannah_Red05

Skin – *League* Jen Pale PinkChampagne

Teeth – [ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v6

Scarf – MIEL LIA SCARF – plaid

Necklace – )<SF>(  Primus Wild Dagger 4.0 (black)

Long Sleeve – JANE – sheer layers.bk raven & JANE – sheer layers.bk charcoal (Layed together as addon)

Lace “Overshirt” – (Part of) Kyoot – Bronte Dress (Black)

Corset – [Etchaflesh] Sweet Blasphemy Underbust Corset

Left glove – Gawk! Black Wool Armwarmer

Right glove – (Part of) [CheerNo FEMME] Rita Dress

Belt – MIEL CALI CORDS – belt

Skirt – (Part of) Passion4Fashion Black Formal dress with slit

Leggings – !O: Basics Sheer Leggings [PITCH] (From ohmai)

Socks – *League* Thermal Stockings Black

Boots – Kboots-black (Owner is: Ju Weissnicht. Not sure if still around?)

Poses – Marukin





I’ve been forgetting to blog because my head is out the window but Truth released 3 new hairs on thursday!

Jackie, Rei, Robyn (In copper)

Jackie comes with 18 headband options, and 8 tip options including original hair color. I’m not a big fan of the tips so that’s a no-no for me

Rei is my favorite this week, i barely had to edit it to make it fit me and it comes in the original streakies and non streakies!

Robyn is more of an older hair, i’ve seen a lot of posh shorter cuts in second life, she also comes with tips and an original hair tip color like jackie


Skin – pink fuel

Top – Ohmai!

Poses – Posture

Truth New Release

From Left to Right:

Tesa – Cherry

Annette – Cherry

Emme – Cherry

Emme Comes with a Color change hair band meaning it has most every cold that you’d need. I absolutely love truth hair, The texture are very well done and the hair colors look so real i’d like to reach into my screen and touch them…but that isn’t possible yet 😛

Also Worn:

Shirt – Ohmai! – High Rise Tank

Skin – Plastik – Lionheart Myth (Beta)

Pose – {AT} – HayFever

Check Out Truth!

I’ve been tempting the thought of doing more blogs for stores and look books because i enjoy (LE GASP!) fashion but i’m not really sure how well the work would go that comes with it. I’m the lazy type and just do what i want when i want usually but how cool would it be to start doing Hairs…and Skins…and Clothing lines…and Shoes…And even feature newer stores? Lately all i see is top stores and i’d love to be able to feature those newer stores that maybe one day will be up there with the “Top dogs”