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Right about now

Lanie is wearing:

Hair –

Top – CandyDoll

Belt – Hermony

Pants – Luck inc.

Shoes – Action

Gloves and left hand – Loulou&co

right hand – amacci

Collar – Plastik

Poses worn in this post – Olive Juice and No strings attached

The skin and top i’m wearing are new from CandyDoll

The skin i’m wearing is in the pale tone and comes in 6 eye make up colors/lip colors.

The skins in general are very pretty but i swear maybe it’s just me but the lips look blurry other than that i have no complaints

Body shot

(Undies from Pig)

I wish i had more pictures of the tops them self but unfortunately second life wishes me not in second life right now.

I may update this when i can get some good screenies of the tops

Check out CandyDoll

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And later say it’s all our fault

Tyranny released the cutest shirts which come in 7 colors and i think i could wear them everywhere…

The prim was a bit too big and i edited it so it wasn’t that slanted but other than that there really is no problems

Ruby, turquoise, Amber, Amethyst, Emerald, Onyx, Topaz

While you’re at it, stay tuned because she’ll be releasing many more colors of her “wrecked” dresses

Don’t mind the pictures…i have a fetish for sky settings…

Also Worn:

Skin – Mynerva

Hair – Clawtooth by clawtooth

Skirt – *UB*

poses – olive Juice

Currently listening to: Regina Spektor – Us

Canaray’s are black?

Morrigan Denimore, the owner of TBC, also known as The black canary dropped me these very gothic/pretty bags. I know i sound weird when i say i find them pretty considering they’re a coffin but the design and the sculpty lace  makes it really original and pretty

I adore anything Morrigan creates, it’s unique and something you can’t really find anywhere else on the grid.

Stop in to The Black Canary!

Also worn:

Hair – Truth

Top – League

Undertop –

Shorts – League

Pose – Olive Juice


Yesterday a really sweet women named Nicol Soulstar dropped me some of her new designs, she’s the owner of the really awesome [n’soul] which carries male and female clothing. It’s an awesome and simple store but the designs and clothing are put together beautifully

Dress Erin in Light blue, Blue, Purple, And red

This was one of my favorites, the purple to be exact haha. It covers all the tid bits but the little hints of tattered on the hips and arms are adorable in my opinion.

Dress Cindy in Light blue, White, Purple, And red

The last dress i picked up is Cindy, it’s tube dress as i call them, and has two tones. Black which is the main color and then the 2nd color which is shown in the front as to say it was tattered

[n’soul] will be opening today and i highly suggest going and checking it out, there’s things for males and females so it’s a win win situation!

Check out [n’soul]

Also Worn:

Shoes – Lelutka

Hair – Truth

Poses – Olive Juice

Currently Listening To: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Cheated Heart

!Nayar Tube Tops!

!Nayar released really cute tube tops, in addition to super cute tank tops. I happen to like the tube tops though considering i have a thing for longer tops (Not to mention they’re much easier to pair with other items :])

The Tubes come in 8 different “colors” taking into consideration they’re all different designs too. The only iffy thing is the seams which you can’t see in the picture but they don’t line up “perfectly” which is okay because most textures will not line up that perfect.

Check Out !Nayar

I seriously look forward to blogging more of his stuff, the designs and colors are adorable and i’d love to just…wear them everywhere ❤

Other Items Worn:

Hair – Lamb – Cherry

Pants – Emery – Denim Orchid Club #5

Shoes – [PM] – Baby T Plain

Skin – Belleza – Elle (Group Gift)

Poses: (In no order)

Olive Juice – Lolli Dolly We like to party

Olive Juice – Easy Breezy

{AT} – Innocent Bones

@Waffles – The City

Olive Juice – Sequin Tights

Olive Juice – I’m serious