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** Cutie undies

Luck inc released the most adorable panties on the grid so far, i was so thrilled when CK put them out because for the past year i’ve lived in the same set.

The panties come in basic and pattern, for each set theres 12 different options (12 colors, 12 patterns)

I love the fact there there’s so many options because i adore mixing and matching.

If i had to choose my favorite i’d have to say Cloud, Kittiehs, and White. There’s a chance i won’t be taking these off until i’m forced to changed ❤

Luck inc.


All poses – Glitterati

Ears – Panda Express

Skin – League

Hair – Truth

Feet – SLink

Currently Listening To: Blue Foundation – Eyes on fire



Truth hair came out not more than 3 days ago and i have to admit, i kind of adore having new streak color options. It makes it much more fun and interesting to have different colors~

All in chocolate

All hair comes with streak options and Francesca has a w/ bangs and w/o bangs option 🙂

My favorite this week is Sonya, i adore up do’s and the pony tail is just adorable. I love all of them but i haven’t been able to wear other hair because of Sonya~

i’d highly advise going and demoing these this week because they’re all flowey and gorgeous


Also wearing

Skin – league

Ears – Panda Express

Panties –

Poses – Posture

Panda Express elforn ears

Kioko, of panda express, released 4 pairs of ears not much more than 2-3 days ago. They come in Normal, Steam punk, Tree ent, and witch doctor.

The Steam punk and witch doctor are my favorite and considering right out of the box the skin tone matched my skin i think i’m in love. If your skin is a bit lighter or darker all the ears come with two huds (small/large) and a good amount of notecards on how to work and change them. These ears kind of go with everything and i can’t take them off, especially the Witch doctor ones. They’re pretty amazing.

Panda Express

If you’d like to demo any of the sets Kioko has kindly set up demo’s by the buy option and i’d suggest doing so because you never know if you’ll like tree ent more than normal or normal more than steam punk!

Nightmare on Panda Express street

Kioko of Panda Express has been a long time flickr buddy and when she needed bloggers i jumped at the chance of being able to review some of her wonderful creations.

Her newest creation the “premonition” outfit has got to be the most versatile outfit i’ve ever worn. With 10 basic patterns each one comes with underwear, a top, a collar, and a collar with a hoodie. Each set also includes very cute rolled up socks. You can wear the top with and without the underwear or the underwear with or without the shirt. I’ve been walking around all day with the panties, a corset, and some pasties! ahha

Hair – Truth

Skin – pink fuel

Nipple tape – Plastik

Shoes – Kata0nik

Poses – Glitterati

Panda Express