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Ha! Studded

Ha! released adorable new studded collars which come in “bright” and “dark”

For each pack there’s 8 colors to choose from and they’re are adorable. I haven’t been able to take the “bright” Black collar off and the “bright” white off.

Everyone needs a little spikey goodness ;D


Hair – Lamb, Truth

Skin – Curio

Ears – -V-, Plastik

Clothes – LMK, Luck inc, Plastik

Poses –, Pda (i think)




Poses – PDA

Hair – [e]

Boom has always been the go to store for clothing that’s versatile and can be Mixed and Matched, the Somnium release is probably the greatest of them. There’s 5 ways in all to wear the collection ranging from wearing the whole dress, wearing the body suit alone, wearing the bodysuit with the chest piece, bodysuit with skirt, and you can even get away with wearing the chest piece alone.

The bodysuit and chest/skirt prices are sold separately, instead of buying a pack and getting a body suit in every other folder you just buy the body suit and then buy the chest/skirt pieces you want. It’s way cheaper and much more funner to mix and match with .

As a release gift the Aureolus add on set is free, i’m not sure for how long though so grab it while you can~



Blue blood on my hands

Poses – PDA

Hair – [e]

I adore these dresses and sorry for the overly bloody bloody but i didn’t want to take them off yesterday. These dresses are a new release from Blue blood and come in 6 colors and 3 options. An open skirt (right) full gown (left) and lingerie (not shown). I personally adore the full gown option, i’m not much of a girly girl but i adore long gowns and have a collection of them on second life. They’re full of win!

Blue blood

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Plastik Halloweeny skins

Kea, of Plastik, has decided to revamp all her Halloween skins and i must say, they’re tubular mang.

Each day until all the Halloween stuff is out she will release a row of clothing, which is exciting and keeps people from being over powered by everything being released at once. This year she has gone with a spider and web theme for all of her clothing and skins.

Otherworldly, Porcelain, Widow


Wearing –

Hair – Truth

Poses – (PDA)

Ain’t nothin but the Truth

I should’ve posted this last night but here you go!!

Truth, like every thursday, releases some of the cutest hair. Due to me being high on the summer fever i chose to wear the bubblegum hue and run around in it for a few hours.

The newest hairs are called BoHo, Nicola, And Peyton

(In that order)

I’m looking forward to seeing more summer inspired hairs from Mister truth, not to mention i’m waiting for him to come see Cole and i in our mushroom home

Visit Truth!

Also Worn –

Bikini – Whippet and buck – Floral undies (50L for only today!!)

Pose – (pda) Before they make me run

Oh! also! Today is Fifty Linden Friday meaning there’s i THINK 10 stores and all of them are pretty good this week! lots of poses and bikinis 😉

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*Boom* Take it easy Tote’s

*Boom* has always been a very awesome store, and i love their clothes more than anything. They’ve realeased their new tote’s and their super cute! They remind me so much of summer that i really can’t wait for summer to be here anymore. The designs are bright and upbeat and are made to fit any outfit or occasion in your Slife!

I’d mainly wear them with bikinis or summer dresses because honestly that’s the only thing i’d ever want to wear them with! The totes come in many other designs and these are just a few ❤

Check Out The Summertastic *BOOM*!

Other items worn:

Bkini/undies: Whippet & Buck – Frilly Little Knickers – Peach

Hair – Tiny Bird – Magic Trick

Pose – (PDA) Before they make me run

Currently Listening to: Mika – Relax, Take it Easy