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Truth 11.23.12

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Hi Lovelies, it’s been a while but i’m still around. I know i don’t blog as much as i should, or want to, but in the coming month i’ll be linking up and will be a guest blogger for a new blog coming soon. It’ll be run by one of my best friends Ohmybeks, and will feature SL and RL things such as Video game, Book, Movie, and even recipe reviews. It’ll be a fashion blog as well as an every day music and RL shenangin blog. I’ll most likely be taking over the Book and Ranting section ūüėČ

Anywho, Truth released two beautiful hairs this past Friday (November 23rd) and i think it’s time i finally get back to blogging, so hey! It’s Miss Ginger!

Jade in Marmalade w/ roots, Nyx in Marmalade w/ roots


Lanie’s wearing:

Skin –¬†[PF] Kumi <Vanilla> – Shimmer

Glasses –¬†{mon tissu} Four Corners Readers ~ Black

Mouth –¬†SLink Teeth – Straight Colour (Heavily Modded)

Piercing (in mouth) –¬†<-Puncture-> Smiley Piercing – Captive Bead

Top –¬†(Chemistry) ECHO TANK TOP – Lace

Bra –¬†Kyoot – Little Ache Lingerie (Nude)

Poses – [LAP]




LookBook 042

It’s been a while, hi!

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I love decorating, even in real life, so this one…is a bit different.

Super sweet and simple today!


Shelving – *Y’s HOUSE* ID Shelf 00 [white/mesh] (for FLF)

Bowls/Cups/Rocks –¬†MudHoney Priya Dinnerware (for FLF)

Lanie’s Wearing:

Hair –¬†[BURLEY]_Minna_Red05

Skin –¬†*League* Jen Pale Musk

Freckles – *League* Jen Freckles -Pale (Part of fatpack extras)

Lips –¬†[PF] Elly <Milk> Sheer Balm (Sherbert)

Dress –¬†Tee*fy Adelaide ¬†Romper Dress Biege (for FLF)

Feet –¬†Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)

Shoes –¬†Slink Ilena Sandals Brown

Poses – Oracul



One word: Elly

If you’re new to Second life i’m not sure how much this first part will make sense to you,’ll still love this skin.

It’s been almost a year since Mochi mentioned a whole new face would be available “soon”. God love her, with every IM i’ve sent to her and with every tease picture she’s released, she’s finally released it! She’s hinted at a few other faces, and even a male skin, coming out soon too! Be on the watch for her next release guys, it’ll be as great and maybe even greater than this one!

I think after this post i might take a break, after many crashes and many aggravating flaws of my PC i finally got EVERYTHING pictured. When i see everything i mean..everything. Make ups, accessories, Body, brow options..everything.

That’s the full body if you were wondering what it looked like. I love hips, and i must say the hips/pelvis on this skin are drool worthy. Elly is soft and very young, she has cute freckles on her back (Which can’t be seen in the above image), the cleavage is very pretty but i’m keeping this post PG nipples anywhere! If you don’t want the natural look Mochi has made Enhancers, Dehancers, and even an add on for a male chest! The extra chest options do not come with the skin packs but are available on the wall right by them.

(Photo taken from Mochi’s flickr)

There’s 6 skintones to choose from in all:¬†sugar, milk, honey, chai, maple, cocoa. I’m wearing milk, it’s perfect for a pale but tan look. Anyway, on to the many additions of Elly!

The skin comes with three main brow options that match most every hair available.

As you can see above there’s also freckle options, i didn’t get pictures of that since it’s kind of obvious that you can choose between freckles or no freckles.

Now, when it comes to the makeup selection available Mochi has made it so you get 2 (Yes TWO!) makeups in each pack and for 900L, with all the options you get that’s kind of amazing. I’ve made a contact sheet of all the makeups available but please know that each makeup comes in it’s own back with one other and if you’d like to see what makeups go together visit the store inworld!

My favorite Makeup has to be Rockabilly or Angelic, i love black eyeliner but at the same time i like simplicity when it comes to my makeup. There’s a makeup available for pretty much everyone. From Crazy & Wild, to Pure & Simple.

Fore a little extra…oomph? Mochi has made extra makeups on tattoo layers to give you the look that you really want. With each skin comes “cosmetics” and it’s a lot like real life lip styling. Lip balms, Glosses, Stains, Lipsticks..Mochi has really out done herself with how unique you can get with these looks.

[PF] Doll Gloss

[PF] Glam Lipstick

[PF] Juicy Gloss

[PF] Pop Lipstick

[PF] Sheer Balm

Instead of having teeth options for the actual skins, the teeth are available on all the lip cosmetics. I have to say, i love the Sheer Balm options and the Glam Lipstick.  The Noir style Glam Lipstick reminds me of Lady Gaga, which is always awesome to pull off. The Sheer Balm however it natural and adds a sweet girlishness to the skins already very girlishness

This is one of my favorite Skin releases and i’m so glad Mochi released them, they will be a favorite of mine forever! The skins, as¬†stated¬†up above, are 900L and so worth it for as much as you get in every pack. I would say it’s time to hit the TP button and get over to her store and start demoing the skins! Elly fits every shape and every face i’ve seen and it’s one of those skins that goes with anything and everything. Men: Watch out for her male skin coming soon!

Pink Fuel Mainstore

Everything else worn in post:

Hair – Elikatira

Bikini – Kyoot

Poses – Glitterati

Candy makes me a happy Doll

What Lanie is wearing?:

Hair – Truth: Roxana

Glasses – Tres blah: Nerdy chic in pink

Pencil – Magic nook: Pencil pink dots

Top – vive9 (No longer avilable)

Skirt – CandyDoll: Jinny in Rose flowers

Shoes – Anexx: BowBalletFlats_pink

Skin – Pink Fuel – <Milk> Ember: Candy

These are the newest release from CandyDoll, a cute clothing and skin shop that i just recently found.

The tops are called Lace me and come in 7 colors, they’re easy to match with and super cute and textured very well. The only thing i must say is that maybe next time include a version that doesn’t show nipple? Or hey! just cover it up with a jacket ūüôā i adore the back of them though because it has kinda an open cutsey feel to it

The skirts are called Jinny and come in 11 colors, they all have their own design and these skirt prims are more than easy to edit. The only, and i mean ONLY thing i had to do was pull them up a little but that’s because i’m very short. If it asn’t for my height i wouldn’t even have had to mess with them. Not to mention there’s no butt showing like many other mini skirts. Which is really nice since i dislike walking around sims with my ass hanging out

With the new release also came an exclusive Summer of love fair skin. It comes in 4 tones and the face is an exclusive to the fair only. The skin itself has the most plump and pretty pink lips, not to mention it has gorgeous hip bone shading and abs. I’m wearing the skintone in brunette eyebrow but there’s also a blond for all you blond hair lovers. There’s also a Hair base, and cleavage option as well ‚̧ It will ONLY be available at the Summer of love fair

Check out CandyDoll!

Other items worn:

Bikini – Halli pocket

Poses – Don’t freak out!

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