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Ataciara Release <3

You know how i blogged a week or so ago about Aikea, The plastik, making brand new skins? Well..They were released yesterday!

This blog post is VERY pic heavy, like PICTURES EVERYWHERE…MADNESS!

Edit;  I’ll be blogging the elven tones tomorrow!

These are the natural tones, there’s 6 tones in all and they’re all names of a type of music. Song being the lightest, Lullaby being the darkest.

They also come with a cleavage and no cleavage option

Body freckles, Darker lips, Face freckles, Lighter lips, Stripe lips, And smudgy eye makeup

She’s also included tattoo layers with all the skins this time too!

Okay now, this is the pic heavy part. I took pictures of ALL the makeups as a record for me and to show you so you get an idea of what they all look like. If you’d like to see bigger versions of any of them go to my flickr

Azucar, Bare, Betta, Blood

Bombshell, Dorado, Elvirah, Geisha

God, Homicide, Inhibitor, Insomniac

Karma purple, Karma sea, Killer, Leopardice

London fog, Lungless, Monarch, Morocca

Nihilism, Overdose, Papyrus, Phoenix

Sand, Sea Nymph, Shadow Cateye, Smolder

Swagger, Thrash Blue, Thrash Gold, Thrash Orange

Thrash Pink, Thrash Purple, Thrash Red, Thrash Spring

Thrash Teal, Tigerfish, Valleje, Vegas

TP to plastik ❤

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ALL hair –

Panties – Mon tissu

Poses – Porcupine Love

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Fashion at The Rumor

With The Rumor sim opening “officially” tomorrow, a lot of shops have started to finalize their shop set up. There’s a lot of wonderful clothing stores/brands coming alive there.

Razorblade Jacket, The sea hole

Tutti Frutti, HausofFox



Hair – truth

skin – pink fuel

pose – porcupine love

Listening To: Angelspit – 100%

I’ll post a slurl when The Rumor is open 🙂

Nightmare before Luck inc

I thought it’d be funny to name all my next posts after movies/books that go along with halloween! Cute huh? No? Okay…

Luck inc has some sexy new leather pants out at the mainstore, it comes in a total of 12 different patterns. One of the patterns being plain if you’d rather no patterns. The leather pants also come in digi leg and normal leg options. I like both but the digi leg is good for anyone who feels like wearing hooves and not going through the pain of editing everything to make them fit.

Hair – Ploom

Face paint – Truth

Necklace – Hod

Collar – (Will update when i can find it in my inventory again!)

Dress – Paper.Doll

Belt – Hermony

Feet – SLink

Skin – Pink fuel

Poses – porcupine love

Luck inc

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My sweet addiction

In only a few days The Summer Of Love fair will start and many  previews have been going around.

The sweet Noena Merlin dropped me her dresses that will be on sale at the summer of love fair.

Her dresses, in my opinion, have a classic womanly..? feel to them. They’re simple but very pretty.

(Fluer Gentille Green, Pink) (Tropical touch Blue, green)

The Fluer Gentille comes with very adorable gloves which i’m not wearing in the picture but match the lower lacing. Fluer Gentille in green i think is my favorite. The roses and flowers make it look girly but the fact the skirt has a big of a puffy bump reminds me of the classical era. Big puffy feather hats, necks adorned with the best jewelry, and the women hiding most of their body (Minus the breasts…never under that)

Tropical Touch reminds me of avatar, awkwardly. It’s very beachy and summery (Which this fair IS for summer :P) i adore wearing it and i love that the side of the leg is kind of open and cute 🙂

Check out SweetAntidote

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Hair – Magika

Skin – Pink Fuel

Pose – Porcupine Love

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Plastik Jungles

Kea has released her newest dress, Ambrice

It comes with a corset, upper shirt, and the skirt. I happen to like it due to the fact it has beautifully done corsets and skirts. With all of her dresses/shirt options she includes a breast attachment which makes it look more realistic. There’s over 50 colors and each pack comes with two dresses. Whether they be different or somewhat matching they’re very cute. It comes with many layers and there’s even a layer that has just the top on it.

I would’ve liked if there was a just corset option but alas there isn’t! Maybe in the future 🙂

The set was named after another great designer, Aydan Darcy, who sells a lot of the best piercings and jewelry on the grid.

Check Out The plastik!

Other items worn:

Hair:, [69]

Skin: LAQ

Panties: Piddidle

Pose: Porcupine Love

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You’ve been Blacklisted

A friend of mine, Gauge, handed me over this uber hilarious/cute shirt early this morning and i can’t stop laughing! I may laugh at everything but i find it epic win

Ever heard of Icp? Insane clown posse?  or some shit like that…. Saturday night live did a parody of their newest song “Miracles”, I hate icp but the parody is fucking epic win. Gauge took that and turned it into a shirt 🙂

And for this weekend only (i think) it’s 75L, a great deal for one of the coolest shirts i’ve seen

Check out +Blacklisted+

Other items worn

Skin – LAQ

Hair – Truth

Shorts – Tres blah

Pose – Porcupine love (Both poses are part of a fatpack that’s only 50L today!)

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The Truth is…pt.2 New release

Getcha new haaaaiiiirrr!

Neewwww haaairrr! fresh and hot out of the folders!

Truth’s new release is one of my favorite i think by far. I love braids, and pin up looking fashion, and and and….i just love the new releases.

(Rayne w/o Streaks, w/ streaks, Lucille w/o streaks, w/ streaks, iris)

Rayne is my favorite this week, it’s girly but if done right it’s more rocker/lets go do shit kinda style bahaha The bow changes color and so does the streaks like usual, it’s easy for me to match with outfits haha oh god..this is awkward now

Lucille is more pin up than anything else, It makes me wanna throw on a high waist skirt and some 6 inch stilettos! Let’s go to a photoshoot~ lmfao it comes in streak and no streak like Rayne and i happen to like it with streaks more due to the fact the way they’re put on the hair it curls into the back and side and look poofy 😛

And of course then there’s Iris, cute long braids and fluffy. Iris comes with the option to just let it be braids, or have bands on one of the braids (As seen in the picture i have it set to the bands)

I chose to go with Amethyst, and light blue….LEAVE MY OBSESSION WITH PURPLE ALOOONEEEE 😦

Oh and…i bought my first laq skin :3

Check out Truth!!

Also Worn:

Skin -Laq

Headphones – Theosophy

Pose – Porcupine Love

Tank –

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