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2.4.11 / Lookbook 004

For the past week or so i’ve been more than knee deep in the new RP sim, NeverWhere. If you don’t stalk my flickr, you better. It’s awesome, and while it just opened things are getting better and better every day.

Now onto my post!

Hair – Truth

Skin – Plastik

Coat – Kiitos

Dress – League

Stockings – Le.lutka

Boots – Kboots

Poses – Olive Juice (1st pic), Posture (2nd pic)

Truth released new hair yesterday and Oh.My.God. BANGS!

Adele and Bea HAVE to be my favorites this week, i can not stress how much bangs are full of win in my book.

They all come with streak, lower and upper (for adele and Bea) options, and are my favorite release as of right now.


Currently Listening to: The creep – Lonely Island



Truth hair came out not more than 3 days ago and i have to admit, i kind of adore having new streak color options. It makes it much more fun and interesting to have different colors~

All in chocolate

All hair comes with streak options and Francesca has a w/ bangs and w/o bangs option πŸ™‚

My favorite this week is Sonya, i adore up do’s and the pony tail is just adorable. I love all of them but i haven’t been able to wear other hair because of Sonya~

i’d highly advise going and demoing these this week because they’re all flowey and gorgeous


Also wearing

Skin – league

Ears – Panda Express

Panties –

Poses – Posture


Truth came out with brand new hairs on thursday, there’s 4 in all but one is male! Men are getting more great hair yay!

All in cranberry

My favorite this week has to be kitty, I don’t know why because it’s very girly but i haven’t taken it off since Thursday. It has that retro cutie feel to it and i LOVE it ! Kitty comes with 4 clip options (including invisible) and streaks.

Mischa comes with split attachment points and streaks, oh so adorable

Last but not least, Cady comes with split catchment points as well and streaks!



Skin – League

Top –

Post – Posture.

Ella in my bella

A friend of mine, Ellantha, is in the up and coming Jewelry Fair

Beaumont, Beauty’s Captivity

Going Batty, Benediction

My favorite out of all these is the “going batty” set, forwing up with bats always in my life i’ve had an obsession with them since i was in my mothers womb. It’s just like “FUCK YOU ALL IM GOING TO WEAR MY BATTY”


Lanie’s wearing:

Hair – Truth

Pose – Posture

Currently Listening To: The blue van – There goes my love

Just a truth quickie

I’ve been very busy this week with call for couture so i’m gonna do a sweet and short post for Truth ❀

Annika, Blake, Leighton (In night)

All hairs this week come with streak options, Leighton comes in 2 versions, and Annika comes with extra parts if you want shorter, longer, or just normal. πŸ™‚

Have fun! Truth LM

Lanie wearing:

Pose – Posture

Skin – Laq

Truth is on my mind

Yesterday was Thursday. You know what that means? New hair at Truth!!!!

Allegra | Estelle | Tara | (All in Snow)

Allegra is a sweetie pie honey bunches braided twirly curly cutie cake hair, comes in streak option too

Estelle is whispy and curly and long, comes in different attachment points and streak options.

Tara is an up doish kinda girl, long and flowey and comes with a normal (no hairband) or hair band option. Comes with streak options πŸ™‚

Well, there ya have it my lovely little birdies! (I promise i’m not high today)

Skid on over to Truth

Other items worn:

Skin – Pink fuel

Pose – Posture.

Currently Listening To:Β  Shallow Grave – The Birthday Massacre

Ploomy Goodness

Hair fair has started and some of the best hair designers of this year are there, including some designers you didn’t even realize made hair! Along with some of the greatest hair designers, ploom has a store in the hair fair this year! If you’d like a complete list of store slurls around the 3? 4? Hair fair sims..Check out this. Go through the blog too because it shows some of the freebies that you can get from the stores too πŸ™‚

Evie; Crush; Boa ||; Boa all in chocolate

Besides Evie the three other style come in streaked, they come with huds to change the color of the streaks πŸ™‚

Go over to Ploom & Hair Fair

Other items worn:

Skin – Laq

Poses – Posture