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Untitled, because i’m original.

I hate People


I have a banshee on my head, you’re statement is irrelavent

I’m getting around to not being lazy but what can i say…my ass IS lazy you know..hhaa

Okay so i promised i’d show the neato shirts…i can’t stop wearing them and they go with amazingly…anything [:

Cute huh? ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m currently doing the Chase of the beast hunt and the omnom hunt…i can’t really say any of the gifts impress me but it’s freebie shit i’ll have to go through later so whatever. It keeps me busy haha. Although…Needful things has an acorn doll key for the CBH hunt and it’s cute…i have nothing to wear with it but i can admire the cuteness. What hunts have you done in sl? I still have shit from the first peace on earth hunt, sadly i’m too lazy to sort my inventory anymore. i’ll do that on spring break ๐Ÿ˜‰ *spring cleaning will be occuring*

My lovelies i must inform you that i’ve become addicted to sharpies in real life again, do you like sharpies? i do. i use fine, and ultra fine tips…and i have 3 copies of each color. As in..i own every sharpie color that’s ever been around…sad huh?ย  Today class and work was canceled i stayed home watching tool academy and drawing with my sharpies. I must inform you that i’m getting back into the habbit of liking reality TV shows on vh1.

oh shit my crops just withered…

Ya i’m kind of addicted to farmville :/ it makes me happy to have a virtual farm. SL should be like that ahur

I promise i’ll talk about serious topics next time

Sharpies, Mustaches, and Cameras

Ozimal bunnies.

Yup, i’ve had/have one. Her name is Ophelia and she isn’t ever going to breed. haha ๐Ÿ™‚ she’s adorable if i say so myself

Anyways how are you? I shouldn’t ask but i’d like to know haha. In real life today it decided to snow, i’ve lived in many places where it’s snowed and it’s been waaay worse than this but it was SO horrible! It wasn’t even snow…it was slushy…..rainy…sleety….huge blocks of snow pelting me, snow. If it doesn’t ease up i’ll likely not go in to work tomorrow heh.

Today all i’ve done is try on curio demos…i’m in love with her skins…you don’t even know it. Like, if i had the $LLLLLLL i’d buy all her skins in the petal and sundust tones, other than that i’ve hung out with colie and forced her to procrastinate. I then sat on my ass staring at my TV aha

And a little story for you…

Today while in class i was having a discussion about gymnastics and i decided to test our theory out…..Our theory was that while in skinny jeans you can do a split. Now…when it comes to skinny jeans…they’re tight…you can’t do splits in them, it’s impossible. I did it…and ripped my pants, my favorite pants, the ones i wear EVERYWHERE….Least to say i was emo…and depressed aha

I’m babbling now, oh fuck D:

Good Night World

Whispers of truth

In one way or another we’ve all bumped into her, it doesn’t matter if you were strangers in a video, a masked character in a portrait, or an immature son of a bitch that she owned. We’ve all met her, we’ve somehow all seen her, and no matter what we think we had some kind of interaction with her.

Her name is ColeMarie Soleil, i call her Colie for short.

She’s one of the most artistic people i’ve met and i look up to her for that, the thought process she lives on is unimaginable. Her ideas and words strike you with a sense of “wow” and for the most part you’re left wanting more, unless of course the first thing you see is one of her silly videos. Like this:

Now, i garuntee you you recognize the avatar right? ๐Ÿ™‚ thought so

I must say though, she loves filming my avatars breasts

Besides her goofiness she can be serious and at times that’s a good thing, i’ve partook is some of her videos and the atmosphere is soooo calm. There’s no yelling to do things, no anger or sadness for the most part. And honestly, it just comes naturally, you’re not told exactly what to do and she tells you “Just have fun”

(This by far is one of my favorites)

Other than the normal filming for fun she does do professional work, and fuck it pays for rl shit. Recently she’s done a contest for UWA and although she didn’t win 1st place i think she should’ve. Not boosting her ego or anything but her video was the best ;]

Without cole in my life i wouldn’t be able to be truthful and be as happy as i am right now. She’s my SL roomate and one of my best friends, we spend most of our time together and i couldn’t ask for it any other way. She’s one of the most beautiful, talented, insane, and sarcastic beings i’ve ever known. Cole is my long lost sister by far and i keep her sane, she keeps me on my toes. It’s never the same everyday, and i like it. Her attitude can get in the way when it comes to being around others but what can i say? it’s just Cole. She’s come a long way and i know her back story for the most part, and there’s plenty more in her life to come; whether it be an obstacle or a miracle. She means the world to me and i love her for being with me and listening to me and being able to trust me like no one else has. Her talents are amazing, her characted is sweet and cute, and god damnit >_<! i wuvs my colie.

I’m going to rap this up by saying the lesson in all of this is that no matter who you meet, who you are, or who you always have someone there for you, someone to keep you sane and someone who truly means more than the world to you. Guarantee you might live down the road or a country away they’re always going to be there for you through the thick and thin. My rock is cole and i’ll never leave her side. Ever.

Good Night World.