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Lookbook 041

Currently listening to: Purity Ring – Lofticries

Today the look is kind of simple, i mainly just wanted to put this song out there. I adore it so much, it’s been on repeat the past few days.

What lanie’s wearing:

Hair – [BURLEY]_Babs_Red05

Skin – *League* Jen Pale PinkChampagne

Earring – bellballs/PIDIDDLE – Fringed Cuff  – Raven

Mouth – FallnGoreRippedMouth

Jacket – -tb- Boyfriend Cardigan – Verona

Dress – [W&B] Space Debris Dress

Socks – Tee*fy KneeLength Socks Biege

Shoes – INDI – Lombardi Studded Booties hazelnut

Poses – [LAP]




3.4.11 / lookbook 008

I’ve discovered most my looks turn into things i’d wear in real life, instead of the avant garde, high fashion, and out of the oridinary fashion i see on the feeds. Maybe that makes me boring, but i can dig it.


Hair – Truth

Hair flower –

Skin – YS & YS

Lip tint – Luckless

Necklace – Whippet And Buck

Shirt – Luck inc.

Belt – MM’s

Pants – Atomic

Shoes – ANEXX

Poses – Glitterati

Currently Listening To: Aerosmith – Pink

Both in cherry

The hairstyles this week come in 2 different styles each and streak options.

They both will honestly go with ANYTHING but Florence, in my opinion, is the week favorite. It’s cute but can also be used in different outfits for a more chic/bed head look.


Lookbook 007

For the past few days i’ve been more than excited and jubilant. Life is something funny, sometimes you can be mentally and physically exhausted and feel like a big sad bug has crawled into your butt and effected everything you do, say, and think. Then there is day’s like today, where despite everything people throw out you, you can’t help but smile and be excited to be around during such a wonderful day. It helped a lot that today was the first day all year that was semi-warm and bright.

I guess it shows in what i wear and listen to!

Hair – Truth

Hair flower –

Skin – YS&YS

Necklace(s) – Whippet and Buck

Shirt – Whippet And Buck

Skirt – Surf co.

Shoes – Periquita

Poses – {SMS} , flowey


Currently Listening To:  Rachel Goodrich – Lightbulb

Marco? POLO!

What is Lanie wearing?

Hair – Clawtooth by Clawtooth

Skin – Laq

Bottoms – Whippet & buck

Feet – SLink

The polos come with a sculpty bottom and collar, and for each there’s 2 attachment points to make it easier. It comes in 23 colors in total, ranging from dark blue to light pink! It shows JUST the right amount of skin to look sexy, without looking tacky. It’s honestly wearable with anything and in *boom* style, it’s very girly girl and chic!

Taxi to Boom!

Currently listening to:  Cold War Kids – We used to vacation

Boom makes me feel Bodacious

Boom has released the newest design, The bodacious tops

There’s 22 colors in all, i personally adore Sand and sky (Pictured above)

With each color it comes in two forms, see through, and normal.

The see through is suppose to be kinda “damp” or wet, And the normal is suppose to just show being dry, like you’d see at a beach 🙂

These shirt’s are absolutely adorable and go with pretty much anything! Hell wear them on their own and it’s still cute

Check Out Boom!

The first two poses you see in the above picture are from an awesome store called Poser alert, they poses are super awesome and i’ve had a lot of fun going through all of them!

Check out Poser Alert!

Also Worn:

Bikini – Whippet And buck

Sandals – Chuchulet

Hair – Shag

Poses – Glitterati, Poser Alert

Currently Listening to: Brandy of the Damned – Nickel Eye

Truth makes me wanna…

It’s that time of the week again! NEWWWWW HAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIRRRRR!

I had a spazz attack when i saw them this week, too cute to not be in love dude

Josephine, Roxana, Tabatha all in copper

Josephine is a simple long loose braid, it hangs in the back and the front is super cute, i adore the side bang/curls

Roxana is my favorite this week, it comes in streaks and no streaks and i happen to adore the streaks, especially in blond like in the picture. The frilly curlyness makes me happy in the pants

Tabatha is also the sweetness, it comes with a hair band which i’ve made invisible but you’re able to change the color. It’s a side swept pony tail with big fluffy bangs

I’d suggest going to truth now and getting it. Now.

Go to truth (now!)

Also worn:

Jacket – LMK

Necklace – Whippet and buck

Skin – Pink fuel

Currently Listening to:  Dave Matthews Band – Funny the way it is

*Boom* Take it easy Tote’s

*Boom* has always been a very awesome store, and i love their clothes more than anything. They’ve realeased their new tote’s and their super cute! They remind me so much of summer that i really can’t wait for summer to be here anymore. The designs are bright and upbeat and are made to fit any outfit or occasion in your Slife!

I’d mainly wear them with bikinis or summer dresses because honestly that’s the only thing i’d ever want to wear them with! The totes come in many other designs and these are just a few ❤

Check Out The Summertastic *BOOM*!

Other items worn:

Bkini/undies: Whippet & Buck – Frilly Little Knickers – Peach

Hair – Tiny Bird – Magic Trick

Pose – (PDA) Before they make me run

Currently Listening to: Mika – Relax, Take it Easy