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Uno Dos!

Hello old friends, it’s been a long time hasn’t it? I’ve been so busy with my real life this year from an almost acceptable love life to finding out about things i never knew existed in my state. My real life may not change, but i’m going to change how much i post on my blog.

With over 2 years on this blog (Feburary 26th 2010 – 2012), it’s become my child in a way and i’ve never been so happy to be able to share so much with so many other people.

Thank you for sticking with me and i promise you that i will post more looks, more sims (Maybe adventure time with lanie again? nudge nudge), happy late two year birthday to my blog and to everyone who has stayed on this ride.

See you soon,



[.Zombie Fetus.] Never ending…sale!

So for about a month or so or until i decide to put my prices back, everything will be at lower prices.

All pose packs are 50L

Single poses are 10L

Shapes are 100L

You can find all of it minus single poses and shape demos on my


Everything is also available in-world


(Once there, click on the purple/ last teleporter on the pole!)

[.Zombie Fetus.] Shape – Snow

Snow is a much thicker and taller shape than i’ve made before but her thickness is adorable ❤
She looks good in every skin and is available as a demo in-world!



New shape and soon to come!

I’ve been redoing all my vendors for Zombie fetus and whilst being a slacker i made another shape to add to the collection.

Petrie is based off the model Natalia Vodianova, who is one of the most gorgeous mothers AND models i’ve ever seen. Petrie, unfortunately, looks like an alien.  A cute alien though i might say!

She is available in world at my ~*New lantern*~  and on the Marketplace

For a demo though, please visit in world.

Okay, news!

In the upcoming day(s) i will be featuring many designers for Culture shock. I will give you ALL the details in the first blog!

Bai now!

[.Zombie Fetus.] Shape – Sage

This shape was originally intended to be created just for the body co skins. I took it upon myself to make sure it looked good in almost any other skin
Sage comes with three heights in case you don’t want to modify it yourself and it it modify and copy so that you can do whatever you want!

For a demo please visit me in world

Also; I have a new mainstore, it’s still on the Plastik sim but in a different lantern! There’s a teleporter to it but if you’d like the direct slurl it’s



[.Zombie Fetus.] Shape – Juliet

Juliet comes with three different heights just incase you don’t feel like modding the height.
She looks good in most every skin but Dernier cri and Laq make her stand out the most.

For a demo visit me in-world!



Bootylicious pt.2

Part 2 is out and guess what else is out?

My very first shape for sale!!

For all details on both please don’t hesitate to visit me in-world or on the Marketplace