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lookbook 040

Currently listening to: The shins – Caring is Creepy

Not a lot to say today, have a good weekend! 🙂

What lanie’s wearing:

Hair – =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Marley” Red 1

Hair Rose – Illusions *~*”Varda” Rose Hair Clip

Hair pins – Primus Wild Hairpins  (black)

Skin – *League* Jen Pale Feline

Necklace – )<SF>(  Primus Wild Dagger Necklace (black)

Shirt – (part of) ** Via Dress Striped Black

Jacket – rbcg.ilovemyboyfriend blazer

Fur – SAIKIN fur wrap ash RIGGED MESH

Corset – [Aura] Grimm Corset – MESH – Black

Belt – **~MM’s~* [Wide]-Free-BlackMeshBelt-Silver

Skirt (But really it’s a dress) – Chain and Vine MeshGownONYX

Poses – [LAP]

The corset i’m wearing is band spurkin new from [Aura] (Designer is Tyr Rozenblum), it’s a release for the “Fairy tales 2012” event that brings together a whole lotta talent from a whole lotta creators. Because i don’t want to be TOO spammy, ill just show you a few of the colors available (besides black)


Royal, Bean, Dawn, Doll, Muse


Poppy, Spook, Dusk, Grass Twilight

Fairy tales 2012




Sn@tch it up.

I’ve been a long time fan and customer of sn@tch,  i think my first outfit was from sn@tch (it was neko ears/tail, and a dress..i was one of THOSE noobs). Over the past 3 years i’ve seen Ivey become better and better and grow out. As a younger SLer, i looked forward to her sales and all of her events like her halloween hunt/quest every year, or her christmas and retiring sales. Sn@tch has stuck with me throughout my entire stay on SL and i’m a kid in a candy shop when it comes to being able to speak to her. in IM. IN IM. Guys, that’s like..hitting the jackpot for me.

I was over joyed to be able to blog for her and as a way of showing how most of her clothing can really pull a look together, or add to an awesome outfit i’ve put together 6 outfits using items from her newer releases.

My soundtrack for today: Datsik & Flux Pavillion – Game over

Outfit 1

Hair – Lelutka
Skin – Dernier Cri
Necklace – (NS)
Bag – Aura
Corset – SN@TCH
Dress – Kyoot
Shoes – Lelutka
Poses – *ES*

Outfit 2

Hair –
Skin – Aura
Lipgloss – Pink Fuel
Dimple Piercings – Hod
Feather Earring – Bellballs
Bodysuit – HolliPocket
Bra – W&B
Corset – Plastik
Belt – Blitzed
Bracelet – Hod
Pants – SN@TCH
Boots – Plastik
Poses – Marukin

Outfit 3

Horns – Titianas court
Ears/tail – Atomic
Hair – Lamb
Skin – Curio
Shirt – Atomic
Pants – SN@TCH
Shoes – Violent Seduction
Poses – Diesel Works

Outfit 4

Hair – Lelutka
Skin – Laq (Old christmas gift)
Guitar – u.f.o.
Shirt – SN@TCH
Highwaist corset ( Technically highwaist undies) – Gawk
Belt – MM’s
Skirt – Aura
Shoes – Lelutka
Poses – Ploom

Outfit 5

Hair – Exile
Skin – League
Collar – Sinistyle
Necklace – NS
Shrug – Grave (part of g206 Defence)
Underbust – Kyoot
Bra – Sweetest Goodbye (closed now?)
Shirt – SN@TCH
Belt – Hermony
Glove – Cheerno
Armwarmer – Maitreya
Skirt – insanya
Stockings – insanya (comes with above listed skirt)
Boots – Tonktastic
Poses – Ploom, Empersonate, illmatic

Outfit 6

Hair – (fd)
Skin – YS & YS
Scarf – (nsd)
Vest – Kiitos
Tank top – SN@TCH
Long Sleeve – Genre
Corset –
Belt – Blitzed
Pants – SN@TCH (Comes with tank top stated above)
Boots – Plastik
Poses – Glitterati

I hope you take the chance to visit sn@tch and create marvelous outfits, her clothing is something everyone needs!


   – L

Lookbook 031

Have i told you that winter is my favorite season? Well, it is.

Currently listening to: What the water gave me – Florence + The Machine

Hair – Truth (New!)

Skin – Laq

Glasses – Mon Tissu

Scarf – DP*Yumyum

Vest – DP* Yumyum

Long sleeve – DP*Yumyum

Belt – MM’s

Pants –

Boots – [N]aughty

Poses – .synt.

2.18.11 / Lookbook 005

Oh my jesus! I haven’t blogged!  Truth kicked my arse in gear by releasing his newest hairs this week~

My look for the past few weeks has been kind of a drag, i’ve had no motivation to be cutsey 😛

Hair  – Truth

Skin – Pink fuel

Nose bleed – Oh bloody hell

Shirt – Mr.poet

Bikini top –

Skirt – Sweetest Goodbye

Shoes – [n]

Poses – {SMS}

Betty, Minka both in blood

Only two hairs this week but i adore both ❤

Betty, in my opinion, has a messy theme to it. A loose braid in the back and adorable side bangs.

I’m wearing the upper version of Minka because it’s honestly too long for my avatar but it’s very girly and adorable! Mink also comes with bangs (Which i’m wearing)

Both come in streaks, and Minka comes with upper and lower attachment points.



Truth hair came out not more than 3 days ago and i have to admit, i kind of adore having new streak color options. It makes it much more fun and interesting to have different colors~

All in chocolate

All hair comes with streak options and Francesca has a w/ bangs and w/o bangs option 🙂

My favorite this week is Sonya, i adore up do’s and the pony tail is just adorable. I love all of them but i haven’t been able to wear other hair because of Sonya~

i’d highly advise going and demoing these this week because they’re all flowey and gorgeous


Also wearing

Skin – league

Ears – Panda Express

Panties –

Poses – Posture