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Lookbook 009

Hair – Lamb

Hair flower –

Skin – Curio

Eyeliner – Mock

Shirt – Kyoot

Long sleeve – Kyoot

Belt – MM’s

Pants – Atomic

Shoes – Periquita

Poses – Olive Juice

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Plastik Halluweeny

Aikea has out done herself this halloween! She picked a theme, which turned into webs (spider webs) and re did a lot of her older dresses and released a lot of newer outfits with it! This time though, she released a row of outfits at a time, until they were all out. The good thing about that? You’re not overhauled and are able to buy each day ;D

I absolutely adore Halloween and this just means i have more Halloweensey to wear ALL YEAR!

Don’t mind my cheesy Halloween backgrounds, i needed an excuse to use them ^_^

A few scarves available~

More awesomeness~

Get there soon though, i’m not sure how long it’ll all be available but i’m thinking they’ll be gone after halloween!


Also wearing –

Poses – Olive Juice

Hair –

Skin – Laq

Pumpkin gachas!

“October 23rd-31st on the Hide and Seek Sim

‘Tis the season for Halloween, and that means trick-or-treating! We wanted to kick off the festivities here with a special gatcha event for you. All you have to do is travel around the sim to the participating stores, and look for the cute trick-or-treat gatcha vendor in the ad. We promise lots of fun items and all  for cheap cheap cheap :D. So have a blast, bring your friends, and don’t forget to explore a little. The sim is decorated for fall and there are plenty of photo ops all over.

Happy Halloween!”

The cauldron and pink polka dot pumpkin are rare! There’s 9 other pumpkins ranging from neon pink (Far right) to stripey pumpkins (in the middle)

Hide and seek sim

Poses – All from my kuso ao

Shorts – League

Call for couture [The clothing] pt. 2

So, there’s going to be many parts to this festival in my blog and i think it’ll just be easier to post pictures of the product and give you the name so! Without further ado here’s the second round

Scream, League, [BC], ILAYA

WRACK, Muism, Addict, Vanitas Vesture

Royal Blue, bliss couture, Cheerno, Donna flora

Lark, Fellini Lingerie, Osakki, Osakki

All poses: Luth, Glitterati, Olive Juice
All Hair: Truth
Skin – Pink Fuel

Into the woods

Did you know if you mouth Olive juice is looks like you’re saying I love you? <33

With the season hunt being pulled to the last few days (It ends the 9th?) Olive juice set out another autumn-ish themed release.

The chair is 11 prims but comes with a 7 prim chair that has no bird or prim leaf. The leafs and shadow are all on one prim by themselves.

The chair comes with six adorable sits and it’s totally worth setting up a million all over my house

It’s available for 50L for ONLY today! Go get it!

Olive juice ❤

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Ha! You fail

With the rebranding of Urbanity Trixi Wuyts has released some new necklaces as well as cute skirts and shirts

And their faith is weak (Black), Rosary Of Vengeance, And their faith is strong (Silver)

The faith sets come in black and silver options and are available for male’s too, just like the rosary it’s available for men too!

The ruffled skirts come in 17 colors all together and range from bright green with blue to black on black. They’re adorable and honestly go with everything. What i adore about these skirts though is that there is NO seams..What-So-Ever. I’ve never seen prim flaps for mini skirts that don’t have some kind of seam or are lighter/darker. She’s mastered the skin of making them look like part of the skirt.

The shirt i’m wearing is also a new release, The tube tops.

They come in 16 colors and i adore the black and white tube tops the most, they’re easy to pair with and are adorable all together. There’s not much i can say about these besides the obvious fact of how awesome they are and how much i want to wear them with EVERYTHING



I’m not kidding, the most amusing part about this was being able to open the boxes and saying in real life as it said in local chat “Poof! :O!” That was the highlight of my life last night.

Check out Ha! (Urbanity)

Also worn:

Hair – Ploom

Shoes – Lelutka

Skin – Plastik

Leetle horns – Luckless

All Poses – Posture, Glitterati, Olive Juice

Currently Listening To: The White Stripes – Icky Thump

Faun’s love Plastik

Yaaaay skins yaaaaaaaaay!

(Blog post is on the picture heavy side)

(Picture whoring)

Lanie is wearing:

Tattoo – Bare Rose (Part of Tiger tribe lady)

Boots – [NV]

Pants – Dernier cri (Part of zombie avi)

Belt – Hermony

Shirt – This is a fawn (Tinted and part of Leda dress bloody)

Necklace – Hod

Tongue – RC Cluster

Hat – Hat mechanic

All hair in this post – Magika,

All poses in this post – Olive Juice, Posture

Warpaint, Gameface

With the news about the winners for the best skins, hair, clothing, textures, and so on coming out one of my best friends Aikea Reiko was named Best new skin and best different skin (Don’t quote me on that, i’m not too sure which two awards she won). She’s released a 99L dress, and 2 skins (Gameface and warpaint). I’m only wearing the freckled versions in skintone myth but it comes in all other skinetone’s with bare and freckle versions!

With that being said let me show you my addiction to emoter huds…

The newest release from L.fauna is the lola line..It comes in 6 tones, and with every skintone you get cleavage options, and freckle options sooo you get the best of 3..? worlds!  AND if you’re on 2.0 you might want to take a look at the 2.0 freckles that come with them.  With all skins she includes a notecard with tinted eyebrows and tinted lips. It’s like a fatpack but not!

With the release she’s also brought out some cute 2.0 layers to add to the cute/dorky side of the skins

Braces, Gap tooth

And of course, she also put some ADORKABLE beauty marks on the alpha layers…i tried to circle the not so apparent ones but yeah i fail!

Bayonetta, Brow, Crawford, megane, monroe

I’m only wearing 3 of the makeups available from the lola line.

The sad face is due to the fact i spent forever trying to load these fudgers! Between all the crashing and not loading on 2.0 after this i ended up uninstalling emerald beta and 2.0 and going back to the old version lmfao

These are the 2.0 layered freckles if it isn’t that obvious


L.fauna is one of the few who still hand paint their skins. Pink fuel, plastik, L.fauna…There’s not many who do it on their own anymore and i think that’s what makes them so unique in their own way. Most skins look the same and use the same base or reference pictures and sooner or later we’ll all look alike. I’m glad there’s still a few places on SL that make their own skins and individualize them.

Check out L.fauna, And plastik!

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