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Getting the hang of it

Tyr, of Tyranny Designs, has released all new skirts and a new vip gift! With the new releases she also released her Project Themeory. The theme for Project Themeory this week is “What i love”. Tyranny picks storms so for this week only the long boho skirt and specific color in the vip shirt are available in black/gray

The skirts come in a total of 7 colors, but each color has different lower skirt design colors so all in all there’s 20+ colors

The vip shirts, also called the Jennifer tanks, come in 6 colors! All of which you get in the pack. It’s 250L to join but i think it’s worth it because you get a vip fat pack that will not be available EVER in store EVERY month!!!

Please go and visit Tyranny Designs!!

Also Worn:

Hair – Clawtooth By clawtooth

Skin – Laq

Poses – Posture

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15 miles to the Love Shack

Aranel, of *BOOM*, has released her newest creation…The oh so cute Roller Rompers, the rompers come in 15 different colors as well as the matching socks.

I knew one day i’d need roller skates in second life but yet, i somehow deleted the ones i had…GUT FEELINGS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT :[ so instead i shall just sit with my chucks on and pretend they’re like roller skates..they really aren’t but what is a girl to do(rhetorical answer..don’t answer)?

The accessories are kind of rasta colors and go perfectly with ANY of the colors available. Head bands…sweat bands..and the romper itself has such an adorable loose bow on the neck that comes with it!

go ahead and getcho asses ovah to dat uh…uh oh ya das rite *BOOM*!

Other items worn:

Hair – Lamb

Skin – LAQ

Shoes – UBU

Pose – Posture.

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Right about now

Lanie is wearing:

Hair –

Top – CandyDoll

Belt – Hermony

Pants – Luck inc.

Shoes – Action

Gloves and left hand – Loulou&co

right hand – amacci

Collar – Plastik

Poses worn in this post – Olive Juice and No strings attached

The skin and top i’m wearing are new from CandyDoll

The skin i’m wearing is in the pale tone and comes in 6 eye make up colors/lip colors.

The skins in general are very pretty but i swear maybe it’s just me but the lips look blurry other than that i have no complaints

Body shot

(Undies from Pig)

I wish i had more pictures of the tops them self but unfortunately second life wishes me not in second life right now.

I may update this when i can get some good screenies of the tops

Check out CandyDoll

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And later say it’s all our fault

Tyranny released the cutest shirts which come in 7 colors and i think i could wear them everywhere…

The prim was a bit too big and i edited it so it wasn’t that slanted but other than that there really is no problems

Ruby, turquoise, Amber, Amethyst, Emerald, Onyx, Topaz

While you’re at it, stay tuned because she’ll be releasing many more colors of her “wrecked” dresses

Don’t mind the pictures…i have a fetish for sky settings…

Also Worn:

Skin – Mynerva

Hair – Clawtooth by clawtooth

Skirt – *UB*

poses – olive Juice

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Ploom and Blue Blood

It seems this week is full of epicly awesome made of win new releases, two of which being ploom and blueblood

Ploom is the remade Deviant kitties, it’s owned by the same person and the hair comes from the same person. I’m proud to have found ploom because in all honesty it’s become one of my favorite hair stores. So i think it’s safe to say up first we have the new release from ploom

Iris, Seaside, Squee, and zoey (all in coal)

Iris is a simple bang with a very adorable back curly/braided tail.

Next is Seaside, and it’s exactly like it’s name..The hair band and sculpty tulip is simple and sweet and reminds me more of being at the beach in florida than anything here in second life.

And 2nd to last is Squee, a cute bangy bob (hehe…bangy…bob…get it?) The hair pins are a cute addition to the hair

Last but not least is Zoey and adorable updue with bed headish bangs and loose hairs in the back.

Edit: I was informed that Iris and squee come with a hud that changes the colors, me being the overly excited dork i over looked the huds! Please feel free to rant and yell at me for not seeing that they had a hud ^__^!

On to blue blood! With the releases from many stores blue blood was another one..

She released the cutest dresses in history of cute, the collar is fluffy and matches perfectly, the little sea monster on the front is oh so adorable, and honestly the prims match the color of the top perfectly.

(I wasn’t able to get a picture of the red dress because emerald would not rezz the top but the only thing different is the color! :P)

Go check out ploom and while your at it head on over to blue blood!

Also Worn:

Skin – Laq

Pose – Lazy places

Thursday makes my pants happy

It’s thursday…you know what that means? TRUTH =DDDDDDDDDDD

This week there’s 3 women’s hair and 1 male’s hair!

Of course i’m only wearing the girl hair because i don’t make pretty boy shapes heh

This week there’s Christina 2, Julia, and Christina (All in walnut)

Christina 1 and 2 are very cute long hairs, 2 is long with braided hair that drapes around the head (Like a hair band i guess :P) and 1 is a very adorable color changing flower hair band!

My favorite this week is julia, due to the fact it’s poofy and has streaks. I think i’ve gotten a fetish for the streaks…Julia comes in a streak and non streak version and i prefer it with streaks because it looks crazier and cuter in my opinion

Eric! Cute right? 😛

Also what i’m wearing is armidi, i’m not sure how long it’ll last but they’re having a Final Sale

All details are on the page i just linked and i hope you go check it out, the sale is also online as well if you don’t feel like dealing with the lag and other people 🙂

Have fun, be sweet, get some action, and check out Truth!

Also Worn:

Skin – Mynerva

Necklace – Armidi

Outfit – Armidi

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Candy makes me a happy Doll

What Lanie is wearing?:

Hair – Truth: Roxana

Glasses – Tres blah: Nerdy chic in pink

Pencil – Magic nook: Pencil pink dots

Top – vive9 (No longer avilable)

Skirt – CandyDoll: Jinny in Rose flowers

Shoes – Anexx: BowBalletFlats_pink

Skin – Pink Fuel – <Milk> Ember: Candy

These are the newest release from CandyDoll, a cute clothing and skin shop that i just recently found.

The tops are called Lace me and come in 7 colors, they’re easy to match with and super cute and textured very well. The only thing i must say is that maybe next time include a version that doesn’t show nipple? Or hey! just cover it up with a jacket 🙂 i adore the back of them though because it has kinda an open cutsey feel to it

The skirts are called Jinny and come in 11 colors, they all have their own design and these skirt prims are more than easy to edit. The only, and i mean ONLY thing i had to do was pull them up a little but that’s because i’m very short. If it asn’t for my height i wouldn’t even have had to mess with them. Not to mention there’s no butt showing like many other mini skirts. Which is really nice since i dislike walking around sims with my ass hanging out

With the new release also came an exclusive Summer of love fair skin. It comes in 4 tones and the face is an exclusive to the fair only. The skin itself has the most plump and pretty pink lips, not to mention it has gorgeous hip bone shading and abs. I’m wearing the skintone in brunette eyebrow but there’s also a blond for all you blond hair lovers. There’s also a Hair base, and cleavage option as well ❤ It will ONLY be available at the Summer of love fair

Check out CandyDoll!

Other items worn:

Bikini – Halli pocket

Poses – Don’t freak out!

Currently Listening To: Say Anything – Wow, i can get sexual too