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Truth 11.23.12

Currently listening to: Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch

Hi Lovelies, it’s been a while but i’m still around. I know i don’t blog as much as i should, or want to, but in the coming month i’ll be linking up and will be a guest blogger for a new blog coming soon. It’ll be run by one of my best friends Ohmybeks, and will feature SL and RL things such as Video game, Book, Movie, and even recipe reviews. It’ll be a fashion blog as well as an every day music and RL shenangin blog. I’ll most likely be taking over the Book and Ranting section ūüėČ

Anywho, Truth released two beautiful hairs this past Friday (November 23rd) and i think it’s time i finally get back to blogging, so hey! It’s Miss Ginger!

Jade in Marmalade w/ roots, Nyx in Marmalade w/ roots


Lanie’s wearing:

Skin –¬†[PF] Kumi <Vanilla> – Shimmer

Glasses –¬†{mon tissu} Four Corners Readers ~ Black

Mouth –¬†SLink Teeth – Straight Colour (Heavily Modded)

Piercing (in mouth) –¬†<-Puncture-> Smiley Piercing – Captive Bead

Top –¬†(Chemistry) ECHO TANK TOP – Lace

Bra –¬†Kyoot – Little Ache Lingerie (Nude)

Poses – [LAP]




Lookbook 036

Currently listening to: No Church in the wild – Kanye West ft. Jay-Z

I dislike Kanye West very much, he’s just a butthole to everyone, but this song is really good. I’ve been listening to it for most of this morning and i think it’s one of his best songs. ¬†Music is funny that way, someone you dislike can create one of your favorite songs and someone you¬†absolutely¬†adore can create some of the worse songs you’ve ever heard. ¬†On to the look!

This dress is sexy and can be worn with pretty much ANYTHING. For another outfit and look at  my favorite person and her blog go here

What lanie’s wearing:

Hair –¬†>TRUTH< Tashia w/Roots – marmalade

Skin –¬†*League* Jen Pale Olive (Cleavage C)

Necklace – Illusions *~*Cord Necklace: Small/Copy

Dress –¬†Chain and Vine – Belle 1 ONYX

Gloves –¬†[][]Trap[][] Fuzz Gloves Plain Black

Belted Corset –¬†~*RunoRuno*~ UNDress Evening Black

Pink Corset –¬†[LeL.Ultra]-CONSTRICTED/romantic_corset (Part of¬†[LeL.Ultra]-CONSTRICTED/romantic from Lelutka Ultra. Not sure if available anymore?)

Poses – Marukin



Lookbook 033

Currently listening to: What Wind-Walks up above! – Jacaszek

What lanie is wearing:

Hair – Truth

Skin – Pink Fuel ( With love again hunt!)

Necklace 1 – Illusions

Necklace 2 – Armidi Gisaci

Shirt – Mon Tissu

Leggings – Kyoot

Socks – Doppelganger

Boots – [N]aughty

Poses – Glitterati

Naughty & Nice versions of the hunt skin

Lookbook 032

Currently listening to: Magic Fountain – Art vs. Science

I’m so excited for christmas, just this morning i was able to put up more decorations on my christmas tree, make pompoms for a vintage wall decoration, and get outside ornaments for well…the outside! I might have to post pictures of my decorations soon ūüôā

Hair – Truth

Earrings – Bellballs/pididdle

Skin РThe Sugar Garden ( Will be reviewing later tonight!)

Shirt – DP* yumyum

Belt – MM’s

Skirt – Truffle

Socks – Doppelganger

Boots – [N]aughty

Poses – .synt.

Lookbook 031

Have i told you that winter is my favorite season? Well, it is.

Currently listening to: What the water gave me – Florence + The Machine

Hair – Truth (New!)

Skin – Laq

Glasses – Mon Tissu

Scarf – DP*Yumyum

Vest – DP* Yumyum

Long sleeve – DP*Yumyum

Belt – MM’s

Pants –

Boots – [N]aughty

Poses – .synt.

Lookbook 028

Currently listening to: And One – Military Fashion Show

Hair – Damselfly

Skin – Pink Fuel

Hat –¬†La Malvada Mujer

Face Paint – Truth

Cigarette – Primitive Design

Nails –¬†La Malvada Mujer

Nipples – Twee.

Long Sleeve – WWI

Corset – Luck inc.

Skirt – Luck inc.

Socks – WWI

Shoes – VC Designs

Poses – Glitterati


Both in blood red.

I haven’t been posting a lot lately and i’ll work on that but this weeks truth has to be one of my favorites so far!

Also, if you haven’t been down there Truth has opened Truth District which brings together some of the best stores around the grid!

Truth and Truth Disctrict

What i’m wearing –

Skin – Body Co.

Teeth – [PXL]

Shirt – d.Select

Poses – Glitterati