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In blue blood

Blue blood released their new tops, each one comes in 4 colors each.
The Glam jacket and the V vests are their names and it suits each one very well.
I’m only wear two of the colors but they’re so versatile and go with honestly EVERYTHING!

Visit Blue Blood!!

What’s Lanie Wearing?

Shoes – COCO

Skirt – Luck inc

Belt – Hermony

Hair – W&Y

Skin – Plastik (Will be in next blog post ;])

Pose – Glitterati


Call me, Estrela

*Elymode* is a store i happened upon a few days ago thanks to the owner, Elysium Elide, being on my plurk timeline. She makes clothing, poses, makeups. I think my favorite part of this whole thing was how she packaged her blogger packs and made sure they were unique to the blogger she was giving it to. It’s fun to talk to designers too though due to the fact they’re just NORMAL people. After many pervy comments and jokes she handed over the blogger pack and in it was her newest release Estrela, as well as her Simply Sheer tops and shorts.

Estrela comes with many options and layers to mix and match with, these are just 3 main colors. Whats good is ho she lays it out you can prett much buy a pink top to go with a green corset and a red skirt. There’s many gazillion possibilities.  The skirts come in short AV’s and normal sizes to fit all heights and the straps tops come with color changing cuffs

More versions of how to wear the Estrela tops, the two skirts and sheer top and shorts i’m wearing are a few of her older releases but oh so cute. I think i’ll be wearing that black skirt for a while..

Please, go check out *Elymode*

Everything else worn:

Skin – Laq

Hair –

Shoe cuffs – Maitreya

Shoes – Lelutka

Nipple Tape and panties: Luck Inc

Poses – Glitterati (New release called Hips!!)

Currently Listening To: Beck – Diamond Dogs

Repost: UNICEF Project brought to you by Truth Hawks

UNICEF Pakistan Flood Crisis Fund  4 – 19 September 2010

Dear lovely SL merchant! ❤

I know this is very short notice but this may be something we can do on a regular and ongoing basis. UNICEF are currently raising funds for the Pakistan Flood Crisis. Millions of people have been affected and thousands are without homes.

If you’d like to be part of this fund raising effort you could donate all or part of the proceeds of an item/s (I’d like to request at least 50% of your item/s – can be exclusive, existing, discounted whatever you like!) The point is to raise as much money as we can in the 2 week period.

I will be donating 100% of the proceeds of one hairstyle and doubling the amount raised off my item to go towards this cause.  I’ll advertise the fund through my update group and list all the merchants involved. I have ordered a sim “Project Donate” from which you will vend your items (in addition to your own locations). You are free to landmark to your own stores from this location which will be entirely removed from my own sim.

I’ve created an account “Unicef Rainfall” which will collect the proceeds. Once you confirm you’d like to participate I’ll send out all necessary split scripts etc. You will also need a group space available to place your item/s.

Thank you for considering and hope to have you on board!

If you’d like to move forward just send Unicef Rainfall a notecard with your name, store, landmark…sorry this is all a bit informal at the moment :P

Truth Hawks
UNICEF Project Application (Designers)
Your name:
Your brands name:
Your mainstore lm:
Any other designers within the brand:
How many items would you like to donate:
At what percentage (going to the charity:
Any other notes:
UNICEF Project Application (Bloggers)
Your name:
Your blogs url:
How long has your blog been active:
Will you be available on the 3rd of September for pre-event access?:
Have you blogged about this event already?:
You need groupspace for this, make sure you have 1 free!

*Boom* New…ish release

I promise i’ll get back into being a blog whore 🙂

With the new release of truth hair came the new *boom* dress, and jewelry! both of which match perfectly and are super cute

The dress comes in 17 colors and each color comes with both black, and silver skirt base options, I like both honestly and they match with everything.

The bracelets i’m wearing are also part of the boom new release, there’s a bunch of single colors; to be specific there’s 31 colors.they’re worth it!

I don’t know if you can see the earrings but if you can’t please refer to Truth New…ish release to see them. They come in a rainbow color that is up as a gift at the mainstore. But if you want other colors there’s 24 to choose from 🙂

Go check out boom and enjoy the sexy pixels 🙂

What is Lanie Wearing?:

Hair – Truth

Skin – Curio

Leggings – Luck inc

Boots – Kboots

Currently Listening To: Depeche Mode – Enjoy the silence

Truth New..ish Release

I’ve been late on blogging both the truth and boom new release, VACATION IS BETTER! /cough…anyways…

Last thursday Truth released 3 new hairs as well as announced he’d be doing a 50% off sale on Everything. It’ll be over two sims and if one is laggy just go to the other one, it’s late enough to where i think it should be eased up but knowing truth…it’s probably still very laggy and filled. You can not do it on xstreet because it’s an only in-world sale.

Evangeline, Saffron,  Seraphina (All in walnut and come with streaks)

The sale runs from August 19th – September 3rd, for more information go to the Truths’ blog post and visit Truth Sim 1, Truth Sim 2!


Skin – Curio

Pose – Glitterati

Currently Listening To: Depeche Mode – Enjoy the silence

Luck inc tube tops are the answer to my prayer

Me sooooo lazy, not really but it sounds better than saying i’ve been dealing with a 4 year old for 3 days and get her alllllll tomorrow and on the weekend! Don’t get me wrong i LOVE that little chicka but man, those little toddler children things..can i put them in a cage? Tomorrow we’ll be driving 4 hours to savannah to stay the weekend on the beach and relax. The little one and her mommy are two of my best friends and drove 14 hours from Maryland to come see me and i’m more than thrilled ❤

Anyways! Luck inc released some of the best tube tops and with that said…it’s going to be a very picture heavy post 🙂

There’s 24 colors and 17 patterns, coming to a total of 43 tube tops! O-M-H

The tube tops come with a normal bewb prim or a prim with a bankroll 😉 oh babby

White, Taupe Gray, Taupe, Sandy Brown, Rosewood, Riflegreen, Raspberry, Purple Taupe

June bud, Fallow, Eton blue, Eggplant, Cordovan, Champagne

Bubblegum, black, Bitter Sweet, Bazaar, Babyblue, ArmyGreen

Aquamarine, Apple Green, American Rose, Amber

Zebra, UK, tagged, Stripes, Stars, Size Matters

Rockstar, Rhinestone skull, pink leo, naughty, love, flavor

Cute, Cow, Clouds, Camo bonsai, camo

Visit Luck Inc

Skin – Laq

Poses – Dfo!

Belts – MM’s

Tyranny & Ploom

Both stores have released new products, one of which (Tyranny designs hello!) is making 2.1 worth while 🙂

Face paint in Red, Pink, And Orange

There’s 8 colors in all and for the fat pack it’s 99L! (Uhmazing), you can use it on 2.1, 2.0, or the emerald beta. They’ll be out for TODAY only, although i think Tyr may keep it out for a little longer. It’s available at the fantasy shop and her mainstore.

Slurl to Tyranny Designs

seffy, Seffy ||, and Tarion (All in Strawberry)

I adore the strawberry tone, i just found it and i think i’m in love. Ploom is the heaven i wish to be in 24/7 hah, this week she released 3 new hairs one of which is a longer streaked version of the other.Seffy || comes with a hud that allows you to make the streak invisible or a different color! Cha Chinggg!

Slurl to Ploom

Lanie Is wearing:

Skin – Laq

Jacket –

Tank –

Poses – Bang!

Currently Listening To: LMFAO – I Shake I Move