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Chicks dig Truth

Mmmm waking up to a glorified package of truth hair is what i call a good day. From start to finsish (Unpacking – taking pictures) i’m all bouncy and shit like “OH MY GAWWHHH SO SECCKKSSIII GIRLFRAN”

Aiyana, Bebe, Nadine, Nadine 2 (Bubblegum)

All the hair this week comes in streaks, My favorite is spilt between Aiyana and Bebe.

Aiyana comes with two options (One with no feathers and one with feathers) it also comes with face paint (The two black paint streaks across my cheek) Super cute right?

Bebe is a fro fro poodle oodle doople doo! Haha super cute and i’m lovin the curly q.

Nadine comes in two different hair styles, one with a hair band and one without!

Anywho shnukums it’s time fur dis countreh gal to hitch on up and go make some punkin Pyyyyyy

Hitch hikin to Truth
What else is bein worned:

Skin – Esuga (lucky board prize ^_^)

Shirt – Tyranny

Poses -Izumiya


Midnight blossom

Grixdale (Tryanny) released a Halloween skin earlier this week, it comes with super creepy yet “cute” eyes and i think this is my favorite Halloween skin out right now.


Also worn:

Pose – Torridwear

Panties – Pig

Hair – Truth


Tyranny, in a few weeks/months, will becoming Grixdale. All her stuff will be the same, but a lot of older items will be going away (Or already have) and she’ll be rebranding.

Ploom Zen Hair and mouth feathers

The ploom zen pieces are out now for 99L a piece, they come in separate colors, get them all! Only available for Stumblebum!

Song Bird Re-duex

Available for Themeory, 5 colors in all for 75L (I think? haha)

Tyranny/ Grixdale is the bomb diggity yo

Whats lanie wearing:

Hair – Lamb

Undershirt – Atomic

Over shirt – Atomic

Pose – Unknown?

Currently Listening To: Cocorosie – Lemonade

Whole new way of Truth

What is lanie wearing?:

Skin – laq

Pose – Izumiya

Shirt – Tyranny

The shirt i’m wearing is the Themeory item from Tyranny, there’s 6 colors in total and i adooooooore how natural and simple it is to match and mix with!

Yesterday was Truth Thursday! 3 new hairs have been released and it’s so exciting la la lal la!

Kelsey, Ravyn, Maya (all in espresso)

All the releases come in streak and normal versions and Ravyn’s flowers also are color changeable 🙂

Head over to truth and get some demos, Kelsey is definitely my favorite this week due ot the fact it looks like i jsut got whipped in the face with an A/C unit on full blast. Ahhh the joys of hot summers.

Slip over to Truth

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Tyranny & Ploom

Both stores have released new products, one of which (Tyranny designs hello!) is making 2.1 worth while 🙂

Face paint in Red, Pink, And Orange

There’s 8 colors in all and for the fat pack it’s 99L! (Uhmazing), you can use it on 2.1, 2.0, or the emerald beta. They’ll be out for TODAY only, although i think Tyr may keep it out for a little longer. It’s available at the fantasy shop and her mainstore.

Slurl to Tyranny Designs

seffy, Seffy ||, and Tarion (All in Strawberry)

I adore the strawberry tone, i just found it and i think i’m in love. Ploom is the heaven i wish to be in 24/7 hah, this week she released 3 new hairs one of which is a longer streaked version of the other.Seffy || comes with a hud that allows you to make the streak invisible or a different color! Cha Chinggg!

Slurl to Ploom

Lanie Is wearing:

Skin – Laq

Jacket –

Tank –

Poses – Bang!

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