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Lyric Lundquist

A long time favorite Machinima artist Lyric has created a new video and i happen to like it very much. She sent out a notecard earlier today which basically covers what it’s about and a tad more πŸ™‚

“hi friends πŸ™‚

i created a new machinima called midnight glitch. i used a few new techniques, and it’s inspired by “glitch art” which i’ve been fond of lately.

if you want to have a look here it is:

ALSO. i am looking for some artists to make custom hair and custom skin for a real life multie media music video im going to begin shooting within the next few weeks for the artist i work for – JIHAE.

check out her website –

the hair and skin will be based off of the cover for the single “succubus” here:

the machinima will be on covered by NYC music blogs and also be on display in september in an exhibition here in NYC followed by a performance by JIHAE, and you will be credited for your work (and it’s a great networking opportunity). please let me know if the project is interesting to you and send me an e-mail at

thanks! much ❀

– L ”

Her machinima is very clean in the sense she does it well, and the story line that goes with most of her videos are “Easy on the ears” haha

I’d suggest checking out more of her other machinima here !



I saw this skin i died a little inside, i wanted to try it out and see how much the lips really did work with my shape and wow….the skin is way cuter and put together than i thought. It’s called Makoto5, there’s a pale and a tan selection, All of which are more than superb.

My favorite part of this skin is the lips, they look so realistic it’s unbelievable. The body was is finely detailed and you can tell she worked hard on creating the perfect almost life like skin. Not to mention, and this won’t come as a big surprise because i’m obsessed with hips but, the hips are well defined and well..i love them. I’d really suggest checking out her main shop considering there’s many other skins to be found

Hair; Truth -Tesa – Night

Panties; Whippet & Buck – Frilly Little Set – Ivory

Pose; <Porcupine Love> Caught Red Handed


Truth New Release

From Left to Right:

Tesa – Cherry

Annette – Cherry

Emme – Cherry

Emme Comes with a Color change hair band meaning it has most every cold that you’d need. I absolutely love truth hair, The texture are very well done and the hair colors look so real i’d like to reach into my screen and touch them…but that isn’t possible yet πŸ˜›

Also Worn:

Shirt – Ohmai! – High Rise Tank

Skin – Plastik – Lionheart Myth (Beta)

Pose – {AT} – HayFever

Check Out Truth!

I’ve been tempting the thought of doing more blogs for stores and look books because i enjoy (LE GASP!) fashion but i’m not really sure how well the work would go that comes with it. I’m the lazy type and just do what i want when i want usually but how cool would it be to start doing Hairs…and Skins…and Clothing lines…and Shoes…And even feature newer stores? Lately all i see is top stores and i’d love to be able to feature those newer stores that maybe one day will be up there with the “Top dogs”

Plastik – Aikea Rieko

Earlier yesterday i was able to meet one of the sweetest persons, Aikea Rieko, also the owner of “Plastik” which i might add is one of my favorite stores. The clothing goes from raving furries to Patterned mini dresses. Basically anything and everything! Elf ears, Skins, Clothing, accessories, you name it…it’s there.

I was able to beta test one of her upcoming skins (Which should be out soon hopefully) called “Lionheart”, The skins go from very pale tones to rich dark tones.

The Lightest tone

LionHeart – Myth

And the darkest tone

LionHeart – Legend

Hair- Truth – Charlie, Lamb – I’m a Romantic

Bikini – Whippet&Buck – Starlust gift: Zombie Day Stripes

Pose – H:3D – Starlust Gift pose

There’s six skin tones in total and each one is beautiful and well made. The hips and face are personally my favorite things about the skins, the hips are shaded and look like correct hips πŸ˜› The face is just pretty haha!

This is the friday dress, complete with frilly, girly, prettiness? Is that even a word…i don’t think so but that doesn’t matter! The friday dresses come with two..three…four..FOUR! options. Belt, No belt, Shirt, and leggings…Now i don’t think the shirt is to be worn alone but it can be since there is no seams or cut offs on the texture. The only thing is if you’re taller or shorter than the avatar it was made on you’ll of course have to edit the prim a little to make it work but that’s to be expected on any prim skirt/dress. The leggings give me an excuse to now wear frilly and girly and puffy and cute dresses hahaha. I absolutely adore the Friday dress and it comes and most every color and design.

Hair – – Nicole.2

Skin – The Plastik – LionHeart – Myth (Beta)

Pose – Glitterati – Fashion 4

Now this is the Saturday Top and skirt, it comes in an array of colors just like the friday dress. It also comes with a no belt, w/ belt option. You can wear it together or wear the top with a pair of jeans, the skirt with a tank top. Every color also has a top that comes with a breast attachment meaning you can wear it to make it look like a REAL top. Every color has a palette of it’s own meaning they all have a few selected colors, it’s a cute pairing and i’d wear this every day if i could haha!

Check Out The Plastik!

In with the old out with the new?

Or is it In with the new out with the old?

I’ve yet to defeat the evil tentacles of sickness but because i was inspired by a someone today to start blogging sooner than i would have i’m here to say Hello and how do you do today?

If you haven’t heard there’s a new hunt going on in the wonderful world of SL Called “ZombiePopcorn”. Now if you’re like me anything with the word Zombie in it will excite you, and honestly most of the gifts from this hunt are really good and some are actually on the border line of funny. Now if you’d like to see the gifts before you go n’ start dem huntin’s i found two sites that would be very helpful. One is the Main page: which also includes hint somewhere down the page, and then there’s the japanese version of hints and pictures: (It looks like this post was taken down Sorry!) Have fun and don’t let any zombies bite you while trying to find the pesky popcorn!

And i almost forgot, If you haven’t checked out ColeMarie’s new video or don’t know who i’m talking about please take a look at the following Video. From what i know it’s for the Shanghai world fair 2010, it’s a bit long but i enjoyed it very much not to mention i got to run around in rainbowbrite sparklies for about an hour. While watching it you’ll notice it goes from dark and wondering to well bright and flashy..Any guesses why? Drugs. Now, cole doesn’t do drugs but the feeling you’re suppose to get is an acid trip have fun with it (I sure did…and no i do not mean in the Kleenex and hang lotion way)

If you don’t like it i highly advise you to watch it until you do, considering the fact everything cole does for work is absolutely perfect. She’s one of the best artists i’ve seen in the fantasy of Second life.

And i.

I keep throwing this off, i honestly get lazy too much. I have a problem so it seems

I finished my house finally, everything is decorated, everything picture was put in, every texture retextured….and now i want to decorate a new house. How silly of me.

My birthday was Friday april 2nd, i’m now 21 and i can now call myself an immature adult. This coming monday i will be leaving to drive 11 hours to baltimore MD meaning i’ll be away from the computer most of the time. i hope all is well and i love you.

Also, i saw alice today…i think im in love….i’ll be seeing it again soon.

Goodnight World.