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lookbook 018

Currently listening to: Easybeats – Friday on my mind

Hair – Tiny bird ( Closed :[ )

Tongue – -RC-

Skin – Dernier Cri

Shirt – Kyoot

Floral Top – Tres Blah

Shorts – Tres Blah

Shoes – Reek

Poses – Glitterati


Lick My Lollipop

I was asked to do a leetle “look book” of an outfit i had worn in a picture. I’m not really a look book person but i’ll try.

What Is Lanie Wearing?:

Hair – Truth (To be blogged after this probably)

Jacket – Luck inc

Shirt –

Heart tattoo: Tiny bird ( It comes on all layers including a 2.0 tattoo layer)

High Waist Skirt – Luck inc

Left arm bands/bracelets – Loulou & co.

Right Arm Warmer – Maitreya

Leggings – Luck inc

Shoes – Surf co.

Thigh Belt – Catnip

Well, there you go! I’m not quite sure i did it right, i’m not used to do look books and JUST a look book. It’s not that interesting and i dug it up while cleaning my inventory. Have fun with it and if i didn’t give it credit it means that they’re special items which i wear 24/7 and don’t feel like giving credit out to. I might try and do this sometimes, i wear weird shit usually soooooooo! haha

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*Boom* Take it easy Tote’s

*Boom* has always been a very awesome store, and i love their clothes more than anything. They’ve realeased their new tote’s and their super cute! They remind me so much of summer that i really can’t wait for summer to be here anymore. The designs are bright and upbeat and are made to fit any outfit or occasion in your Slife!

I’d mainly wear them with bikinis or summer dresses because honestly that’s the only thing i’d ever want to wear them with! The totes come in many other designs and these are just a few ❤

Check Out The Summertastic *BOOM*!

Other items worn:

Bkini/undies: Whippet & Buck – Frilly Little Knickers – Peach

Hair – Tiny Bird – Magic Trick

Pose – (PDA) Before they make me run

Currently Listening to: Mika – Relax, Take it Easy